Sureshot PINLOC 6000iPSM

Sureshot is a brand of MGI Golf, which has built a name for itself by delivering-high quality electric golf carts. when I decided to test the Sureshot PINLOC 6000iPSM, I had high expectations and was hopeful it would live up to the great standard set by my testing of the Zip Navigator electric caddie

First Impressions

Pulling the PINLOC 6000iPSM out of the box I thought “Wow!” The black and gold color scheme makes this unit look like a million bucks. I was surprised by its compact size – it’s definitely the smallest rangefinder I’ve tested, and the build quality is by far the best I’ve ever seen. It has a nice, hefty weight and the strongest feeling rubberized coating that encompasses the entire body of the unit. 

Putting it to the test

Heading out on the course and putting the unit to the test here is what I found:


The firm eye ring dial makes it easy to sharpen the optics instantly. The yardage information is shown using a black font and I had no issue in sunny or cloudy weather reading the output. There is a 6x magnification on the device which is pretty standard on most rangefinder models today.   

Nice sharp front optics


There are 3 modes that can be selected on the PINLOC 6000iPSM: 

  1. A scan mode for picking up targets as you move the unit 
  2. A pin lock mode with or without slope measurements 
  3. A general distance mode

You can toggle the slope with a small button on the outside of the unit. There is no visual indication, however, to alert playing partners whether it’s on or off. Remember that slope on rangefinders is currently not allowed if playing in USGA or other governing body sanctioned events, so make sure you know how to turn it off. 


I compared measurements of 3 other rangefinders and found that both the slope-adjusted and non-slope-adjusted distances were within 2-3 yards of all other models. The PINLOC certainly lives up to its name when hunting flag sticks.

I only had one issue for an entire 18 holes with the flag not being found instantly. I had a readout in about a second or less every other time. The vibration alert on the unit is nice and is comparable to other models.

Magnetic Mount

The PINLOC 6000iPSM has a nice magnet built right into the case. I found it to stick and stay on the golf cart windshield bar with no issues. This is a great feature in any rangefinder that should not be overlooked.  

The Sureshot 6000 IPSM mounted to a crossbar

Other Notable Features 

There are a couple of distinct features on this unit that I want to be sure to call out: 

  1. PINLOC – The distance to the pin is displayed on the screen for 15 seconds. I often find that other rangefinders have the measurements disappear too quickly. 
  2. Scan Mode – When in scan mode, you don’t have to hold down the power button. You can simply click it once and move the rangefinder around and distances are displayed in real time. This eliminated a lot of finger fatigue for me. I have not seen other rangefinders do this in the same manner.
  3. Shake – I had several golfers in my foursome try the Sureshot. Several have historically had problems with rangefinders working due to the shakiness of their hands. None had any issues with this unit, though, making it a great choice for players with that concern. 

Slope Explanation

The slope feature calculates true distance to the pin based on elevation change. Think about the last time you played an uphill par 3… You probably pulled a club based on the yardage listed on the tee box sign. Well, that is not the true distance to the flag – here’s an image that breaks down what’s happening:  

As you can see, having slope available on the course can make a huge difference!


The PINLOC 6000iPSM is currently priced at $299. While not the most expensive rangefinder on the market, this unit can be considered an investment as I cannot stress enough the build quality and weight that make it stand out in the overall market for rangefinders.

If you’re a serious golfer who appreciates fast and accurate data, and also want great looks and a solid feel to your equipment, this may be the rangefinder for you.

Link to the Sureshot PINLOC 6000iPSM on Amazon

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