Bunker Bound Apparel: Revolutionize Your Wardrobe

Bunker Bound is bringing some of the freshest polo and hat designs to update your wardrobe for 2022!

Don’t let the palm tree logo and warm weather patterns fool you. This company is based out of Canada, and I think our brothers to the north are on to something! Their fun designs will have you defrosting in no time and are sure to be a conversation starter on any first tee.

I wore one of their shirts for my opening round of the 2022 season and am happy to report that, even though the name may imply it, my ball found no bunkers on the course (your own results may vary).

From the Bunker Bound website:

“Birthed after a few cocktails, Bunker Bound is here to revolutionize your wardrobe.”

Viva La Revolution!


The main offering from Bunker Bound is their collection of stretch polo shirts. With six styling options ranging from “Standard Par” to “Water Hazard” to choose from, what I like about their tops is that they have unique designs but are not overly “loud.” I feel comfortable wearing these walking up to any course without feeling like all eyes are diverted my way.

current options on the Bunker Bound website

Sizing- I tested out a medium and large shirt from their collection and feel that sizing runs true to most other brands.

I was comfortable in a medium at 5’11 185, but a large gave me a little more room to swing. The photo below shows a medium on a 6′ 190 model. If you are on the fence about sizing, you can probably go a size down and be fine.

stretch of the material was great

Material- The shirts are comprised of a blend of 88% polyester and 12% cotton. This gives them a great stretch. I loved playing in it, had no issues with constriction during my swing and the material was super soft to the touch. Another big selling point for me is the fact that the stretch ensures it stays tucked throughout the round.


If you are looking for a sweet new lid to complement a Bunker Bound polo then check out the hats they offer. I love the Great Canadian Beaver hat and think it’s a real conversation starter on the course. Plus, I think it scares the trees into knocking my ball back into the fairway (has yet to be scientifically proven!).

Bunker Bound’s hats feature a flatter style brim and have awesome colors. The mesh back has a great look while providing some airflow, but it isn’t the typical trucker hat style mesh. Most importantly, they’re very comfortable to wear.

Should I join the Revolution?

While you may not be Pancho Villa, you can still shout “Viva La Revolution!”

Bunker Bound has come up with a great quality product with unique designs that I’ve yet to see from other companies.

While there are some expressive patterns offered, there are equally subtle ones, too, which should allow you to wear their shirts more frequently.

At the current price point of $57.99 USD per shirt – their website shows in Canadian funds (only $46.32 USD if using our exclusive 20% off code, “Wiscogolfaddict!“) – I think it’s a very good value shirt. I like the materials and their customer service is great. I would give Bunker Bound a shot and pick up some merchandise to support our fellow golfers who appreciate some colder weather.

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