Strapped Golf: Dress Up Your Rangefinder

Rangefinders have become the new must-have accessory for every golfer, but few manufacturers have put much thought into the cases that house them.

Often golfers find themselves with a bulky, drab case that’s too big to hang from their bag, or too much of a hassle to open and close between shots.

Strapped Golf now delivers the perfect solution for players looking for a stylish, functional way to carry their rangefinder on the course.

Material / Patterns

Strapped cases are made of a waterproof fabric that is both flexible and sturdy. I never worry about it staying on the outside of my bag, and the rangefinder can be secured by a zipper between rounds and a magnetic closure for instant access during. The great strength of the magnetic closure has never left me worrying my rangefinder will fall out.

With over 10 color and pattern options to choose from, there is sure to be a case to fit everyone’s style, including the ladies.

Fit / Function

I tried 15 different current rangefinder models in a Strapped Golf case and they all fit. The inside padding grips the rangefinder nicely and I’ve had no issues with scratching.

There is a small pocket sewn on the inside, as well, to store an extra battery, strap or instruction guide. This is a great detail, especially when scrambling to find a battery mid-round.

The case can be secured to your bag with a loop strap or metal hook. I really appreciate the option of having the looped strap as it holds to my bag more tightly (as opposed to swinging freely when I walk).

Magnetic Strap

Another great offering in Strapped Golf’s product line is their unique magnetic straps. 6 strap colors let you turn any rangefinder into one that will mount nicely on a golf cart.

I like the flexible stretch of the band – it contours perfectly to my rangefinder. The magnet, itself, is large and powerful, and allows my rangefinder to stay securely in place on the cart. Because of the size of the magnet, I found the rangefinder to oscillate a bit while driving, but it’s never at risk of falling off.

I really like using the magnet when carrying my clubs to and from the cart, and because of the strength am actually able to use the face of my iron to carry the rangefinder.

Dress up your range finder

Strapped Golf cases and magnetic bands are the perfect accompaniment to your current rangefinder. Their high-quality materials blended with great style make them an accessory you’re sure to use for years to come, and the assortment of color options make them a great gift idea for the golfer in your life.

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