ActiveDim Sunglasses: The Right Eyewear for Any Condition

Any Midwest golf enthusiast probably understands well how lighting can change quickly while playing tree-lined courses.

I find myself on the fence of bringing sunglasses or not before a lot of rounds. Removing them when over a shot can be a distraction, and that’s exactly what ActiveDim Sunglasses aims to solve with their ability to smoothly transition their lenses from light to dark depending on the conditions.

These sunglasses can be a real game changer out on the course.

3 Models


So how exactly do the lenses work? Photochromic properties in the glass respond to light, automatically darkening the optics when exposed to sunlight.

The lenses are also polarized, providing a nice contrast when looking at objects. Some people feel that polarized lenses make it hard to read the contours of the greens, but I did not find that to be the case at all with these glasses.

The only issue I had with the ActiveDim lenses was the fact that they do not get as dark as some others do. This has to be due to the fact that they can transition between light and dark. This may be an issue on the very brightest of days, but for 95% of your rounds you probably won’t notice or care.

Material / Styling / Fit

The frames are comprised of aluminum and magnesium and feel very solid – I have no concerns with them withstanding the punishment of being kept in my golf bag. There are currently three color options: Black, metal and silver. The Aviator model is also offered in a steel blue.

ActiveDim now features 3 styles of glasses with frames and colors that will appeal to anyone. I personally like the new Pioneer model which has a great active and causal look that you can wear virtually anywhere. There is also an aviator style which offers a great looking steel blue frame. I use these virtually everyday when driving.

Hero Model
New Pioneer and Aviator models

The fit on my head is snug and I’ve had no issues with them moving during my swing or while looking down. There is only one size option, which is typical for most sunglasses. They were a little large on my wife’s head but did fit all the men who tried them on perfectly.

The nose piece is fully adjustable on all ActiveDim models and keeps them comfortably on my face without fogging or accumulating sweat.

A nice case is provided

Treat your eyes

I can see someone wearing these from the car to the course and everywhere in between. The glasses are comfortable, durable and perform great. With three styles to choose from there is a great fit for anyone.

If you’re tired of constantly dealing with the shadows of the course and changing light conditions then these are a perfect solution. With the current price point under $60, and with our discount code, they are a great value.

Pick up your own pair of ActiveDim sunglasses and save 15%!

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