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Short of filming your swing, examining the divots you take is typically the best feedback you’ll get from every golf shot.

Your divot can tell you if you’re hitting the ball fat, the direction of the swing and angle of the club at impact, and the Divot Daddy is the perfect solution to help you practice without relocating a lot of sod while on the driving range.

How it Works

The Divot Daddy is a small hitting mat with green carpeting that shows lighter or darker depending on the direction it’s moved. When you swing on the mat, the carpeting is disturbed to show your club face’s exact line of movement. When you’re ready to swing again, simply brush the carpet back with your hand or club.

This mat can show a number of data points, including:

  1. The club’s swing plane, which indicates hitting a slice, drawn or straight shot
  2. Fat or thin hits
  3. Toe or heel impact of the club

Practice Anywhere

The Divot Daddy is designed to be portable. Rolling up into an included travel bag, it can be used easily in your home or at the range.

Included travel bag

In Your Home

The Divot Daddy includes Velcro strips to secure it to any floor that will adhere to Velcro. This allows you to take practice swings in your living room, basement or wherever you have enough space to swing a club. While I found the mat to move a little bit at impact, that was actually a good thing as it gives swings a more realistic feel versus hitting off static turf.

On the Range

Outside, the Divot Daddy can be secured to the ground using its provided stakes. This allows you to practice your swings using a real ball, if desired.

I also liked using it on the range in conjunction with hitting off the ground – that way I could get instant feedback from the mat and then hit another shot from the grass to feel exactly what I was doing.

You can check out the video of it used on the range below:

Should I Get One?

With a reasonable price point around $40 and excellent practice benefit, the Divot Daddy is a great tool to implement into your own range routine. The mat will show some wear after repeated use, but it should last a long time.

If you’re the kind of player who appreciates immediate feedback during practice sessions, I think this is a really valuable tool and highly recommend picking one up to help you better understand your clubs’ path and impact.

You can get your own Divot Daddy mat here

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  1. I would edit this post you have about the Divot Daddy letting people know the main company selling them GolfDaddy.com is a scam/fraud and your product most likely will never ship from China. The ones i have seen shipped come in terrible condition and the company doesnt respond to emails about refunds nor do they actually offer the refund you have to pay to ship it back to China where they send you a photo of a much nicer version and say that your refund was not valid.

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