ShadeTee: Golf’s Portable Umbrella

With Summer upon us it’s time to start working on the inevitable golf tans consisting of sock lines, shirt sleeves and burned necks. The ShadeTee is here, though, to hopefully offer you a little relief on those hot range days.


Take a look at the video below to see how easy it is to set up the ShadeTee:


The number 1 aspect of the ShadeTee, in my opinion, is portability. The fact that you can break it down so easily to keep in your trunk means you will always have it at the ready. It only weighs 4.8 pounds and breaks down to a manageable 46 inches. You can also slip the whole ShadeTee inside your golf bag.


The aluminum poles and metal connection ends provide a solid construction that I feel will hold up to years of range use. While the setup and stake feels really solid, it is not recommended to use the ShadeTee in winds higher than 15 mph.

One really cool aspect of the ShadeTee is the reflective top of its umbrella. Using a silver coating with SPF 50 protection, much of the light and heat is reflected back from the umbrella. This further serves to keep the area underneath it cool.

To Shade or Not to Shade?

That is the question, right? If you are like me, sometimes range sessions can be an hour-long ordeal sweating it out in the unforgiving sun. Setting up the ShadeTee will provide you much needed relief and make your practice round considerably cooler. I really like having it and would highly recommend picking up one of your own.

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