Super E-Caddy: Your On-Course Bartender

First Impressions

Slicing open the box I was greeted with a Super E-Caddy that only needed its back wheels attached and was otherwise ready to roll. The all-metal frame and metal wheels give this electric cart an overall solid feel when first setting it up. Everything was self-explanatory and I was able to set up the battery and attach my bag in under 60 seconds.

The Super E weighs 38 pounds assembled without the battery or other accessories attached. This is a bit on the heavier side for units that I have tested but was still manageable when loading and unloading. Without the wheels it measures 32″ x 26″ x 14″. This is definitely not the smallest unit on the market, so make sure to consider your trunk size before buying.


The Super E comes bundled with all the accessories you are going to need on the course. This includes a drink holder, score card storage, a seat and 6-can cooler. These accessories normally are expensive extras and definitely gives the Super E an advantage. My favorite accessory is by far the cooler. It snaps nicely onto the cart and was definitely appreciated by my foursome when I started handing out drinks!

The Super E’s 6-Can Cooler, Included
Removable Seat

Will My Bag Fit? 

The Super E fit every size bag I tried on it. The bungee straps on the top and bottom hold the bag securely and I really like the simplicity of the single ball to loop through. The bottom cradle for the clubs rests well above the front wheel and I had no concerns about my bag slipping off.

Full Staff Bag
Bungee Strap

Out on the Course

After testing the Super E on the course, there are a couple of points I’d like to highlight:

  1. Sturdiness – This cart is built like a tank and I had no concerns about it maneuvering successfully around any part of the course.
  2. Noise – The cart overall is quiet. There was no beeping from the remote, either, which allowed me to move the cart while others were hitting.
  3. Stability – The wide wheelbase of the Super E along with its oversized wheels make this cart rock solid on the golf course. It also has one of the largest anti-tip wheels I’ve seen in the back, which is very important if you’re walking a hilly course.
  4. Hills – Hills are no problem for the Super E. The cart has plenty of traction and I never found myself worried whether or not it would make the climb.
  5. Parking – The cart does not have a brake and I found myself needing to ensure it was parked at an angle on hills. A small amount of roll was noticeable when parked in a parallel position to an incline. I typically angle my carts when parking them, so this isn’t a major issue, in my opinion.
  6. Manual Operation – After using electric carts for dozens of rounds, I find myself always wanting to move the cart slightly on the tee box, fairway or green. Some cart models lock in place, but the Super E allows you to move it without the remote which is a huge plus in my mind. Additionally, the free wheel mode is so nice and easy to set up by locking the wheels on the axel away from the motor. I did this for half a round after I forgot to charge the battery and found pushing the cart manually to be a breeze.
  7. Remote – There is a wireless remote included. Although it is on the larger size, some golfers may find that easier to use. I hung the remote from the handle while not in use versus clipping it to my belt or putting it in my pocket like I normally would. The remote has nice preset buttons that allow you to send the cart 10, 20 or 30 yards down the fairway, too. I love using this feature as I stroll to my ball with nothing but open fairway in front of me.
  8. Speed – There are a number of ways to control the speed of this cart. There is a dial on the cart for if you’re holding the handle and walking, and there are also, of course, the buttons on the remote. The built-in dial is a great feature and very smooth when it comes to determining speed.  
  9. Setup – I was able to set up and take down the cart in under 30 seconds. There is only one knob to tighten, and the main column is held firmly in place by the golf bag you attach.
  10. Maneuverability – The front wheel of the Super E is fixed which allows for super smooth forward and backward maneuvering. When turning, the rear wheels rotate in opposite directions to pivot the cart. The only time I’ve had issues with this was when using an extremely heavy bag, but otherwise the cart maneuvers with great precision.

How Long does it Last?

The Super E’s battery is the smallest I’ve seen on an electric golf caddy and it’s easily removed for charging. The 24-volt battery is expected to last 27 holes of golf (I would recommend charging after an 18-hole round just to be safe) and connects to the frame using a single cord that must be unplugged in order to fold up the cart.

Battery w/ Convenient Carry Handle

Stand-Out Features

Here are the features that I think differentiate the Super E from other carts:

  1. Setup – The cart unfolds in a matter of seconds and is ready to go after tightening one knob and plugging in the battery.
  2. Accessories – The Super E comes with some amazing free accessories, including:
    1. Water Bottle Holder 
    2. Cooler
    3. Seat
    4. Scorecard / Ball Holder 
    5. Remote
  3. Stability – The large wheels and oversized stabilizer back wheel give the Super E superior stability, especially on hilly courses.
  4. Free Wheel – Using the Super E as a normal manual pushcart was a breeze. If you decide you don’t need the electric features, just don’t attach the battery and you have a perfectly good manual push cart. Pulling out the the wheels and pushing it around the course was just as simple as a normal cart. This effectively lets the Super E do double-duty.
  5. Customer Service – If you ever need help with your Super E the support line is staffed by the company owner, Tim. Tim will help troubleshoot any issues and loves to chat everything golf! Good support is hard to find these days and the fact that Tim stands by his products is a huge plus, in my opinion.

Items to Consider

  1. The pistol grip is convenient but does not provide a lot of area for you to push the cart when in free-wheel mode.
  2. I did have trouble with the cart turning when my bag was super heavy. This was an oversized staff bag with about 2 dozen balls in it (I’ve had no issues at all with lighter bags).
  3. The folded size of the unit is not the smallest, so it will take up some trunk space.
  4. The remote is quite large, most likely preventing you from putting it in your pocket.
Pistol Grip Style Handle

Final Thoughts 

The Super E-Caddy is a great all-around electric caddy. It is rugged, portable, easy to use and comes with every accessory you can want. Its performance out on the course is comparable to many other caddies I’ve tested and the battery life is sufficient for anyone planning to recharge after 18 holes. Priced just under $1,300, this is a really good value especially with all the included accessories. I don’t think you will regret the ease the Super E brings to walking the course.

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