CMC Design Golf Accessories: Sure to Make Your Bag Stand Out

Your game might be nothing to look at but that doesn’t mean your bag can’t stand out. CMC Design is here to help with some awesome headcovers and accessories that will have you rolling to the first tee in style. From bubble gum to popsicles, and flags to skulls CMC has something that will appeal to every player.

About to “Bomb” this long par 3

CMC Design has a little bit of everything on their site, from headcovers to towels, tees and beyond. Check out their catalog here. I got my hands on a couple of products to take out on the course and here are my thoughts:

  1. These designs are different than I have seen anywhere else. I was immediately drawn to the Bazooka headcover and Bomb Pop collection. Both of these immediately brought back my childhood and the designs are spot on!
  2. The quality of the covers is great. The stitching is amazing and the inside lining is nice and thick. The colors really pop on all the headcovers and I appreciate the nuanced numbering.
  3. The fit of the headcovers is great. Sometimes I find that headcovers are too oversized or super snug when trying to get clubs in and out. These are sized perfectly in my opinion and will continue to be my daily use covers.
  4. I tested 2 mallet headcovers, one with a rounded shape and the other squared. With each, I felt there was plenty of room without them being overly thick, and they still protect the putter nicely. The magnetic clasps hold tight, which is not always a given on putter covers. I was even able to attach the cover to other clubs when I went to the green.
  5. The microfiber suede towel is a perfect complement to the headcovers. It has a nice loop on top to attach to your bag and the quality is really nice. This really popped on the course and I’ve had a number of people ask about it.
Huge Towel
Had to buy the bomb pops to celebrate these covers!
The Kids Enjoyed this Photo Shoot

The Tour Tee

Another product offering I tested from CMC Design was their Tour Tees. These oversized tees are supposed to lower spin rates and improve control due to the rubber designed dimpled tops. They also double as a divot tool and groove cleaner, definitely minimizing clutter in your pockets. While I cant say I instantly gained 12 yards off the tee as advertised, they were super sturdy and handy to have around. I am 3 rounds in on the same tee so that alone is worth the cost.

Tour Tee in Action

CMC accessories are a great addition to any bag. I found their price point to be amazing, especially for the quality of item they are producing. Individual headcovers range from $30-$40 and full club bundles are just $140. If you are in the market for some flair, be sure to check them out.

CMC Design Website

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