PGA Show 2023 Recap: Exciting Products and Show Happenings!

As a now seasoned veteran of the PGA show in Orlando (ok it is only my 2nd year), I am happy to see it picking up some great steam again after COVID.

I spent 3 days this past week walking countless miles and handing out hundreds of business cards, all so I could curate for you some of the coolest new items on and coming to the golf market. Leave a comment below on what you are excited about for 2023!

My new business card strategy. It seemed to be well received!

Cool Products

My main focus during the PGA Show is to hunt out some cool products to feature throughout the 2023 season. Some of those items can be found in the Innovators Section, dubbed “Inventors Row.” Booths lined with every imaginable golf accessory, game improvement device or something wild greets you as you wander the section. Some of the most interesting products I found are featured below:

Margin Tee – “End the frustration of picking up your tee.” This Australian product is a great solution to those long range sessions where you’re constantly tracking down your tee after each shot. A height-adjustable, flexible tee is held in place with a long spike allowing you to continually hit. I found it to be easy to install, the feedback from the tee was good (a little more firm than rubber hitting mat tees), and the price point is great at just $14 USD.

Finder Minder – “Keeps your rangefinder securely at hand.” With the rebirth of push carts, and the explosion in rangefinder use, this product helps bridge the gap between the two. If you are like me I could never find a spot to magnetically clip my rangefinder to my pushcart. With most handles being plastic and aluminum bodies, rangefinders have nowhere to attach. The Finder Minder solves this problem by attaching to your push cart and providing a platform for your rangefinder to attach securely. $25 USD.

Sauce Golf – Look it’s a bag, its a towel… no, it’s the ZIP TOWEL! I found this product during my wanderings and had a great conversation with the inventor. This all-purpose item is a great addition to any golfer’s equipment. Dual zippers allow this to be a bag to get your stuff to the course then convert it to a towel or even use it as a club rain hood. There are some cool designs and other products from Sauce, so make sure to check out their website. $40 USD.

Tee Unit – The organizer every golfer needs. This compact bag helps to ensure you make it to the first tee with all your essentials. Dedicated pockets for balls, a rangefinder, tees and even a cooler compartment ensure you aren’t missing anything when you head to the course. Available in a variety of colors, I would recommend picking one of these up for next season. If you do get one, let me know if you can beat my record to pack it… 26.4 Seconds!! $75 USD.

Wisconsin Spotlight

Keeping in the true spirit of Wisconsin Brotherhood I want to make sure to call out some of the great WI brands I encountered at the show. You will certainly notice a theme in some of these products. These Cheesehead Entrepreneurs were by far the friendliest people at the show and their passion for the game is evident in their inventions. Take a look at what I found and be sure to support your fellow Wisconsin Golfers! We will be working to collaborate and do full reviews on these products during the 2023 season.

Caliber Golf – The latest in putting grip technology… a hybrid between hockey and golf. The co-founders Chip and Tim have created a product that combines their passions and translates to a great experience on the green. The feel when using this grip is hard to describe but I am a believer! The ability to have a completely squared grip and face translates to a more accurate stroke. I am excited to start taking my buddies’ money on the greens this year! (Saj… I am coming for ya!)

Meridian Putters – Custom-milled putters at an affordable price. The mission of Meridian is simple, the product is amazing and I was impressed with the look and feel of their putters. You can tell the passion behind the company and the quality matches. If you are in the market for a new putter be sure to check them out, and also consider a custom fitting!

PUR Golf – A putting aid that will do it all. From fixing alignment, to aim and back-swing to boot. The PUR system immediately highlighted my putting flaws and I found it really quite amazing. I was impressed with the thoughtfulness of the design along with the ability to customize a lot of aspects to match your game style.

Caddy Splash – A group of Wisconsin Badger Alums is on a mission to keep your clubs clean. The Caddy Splash is a cleaning brush and water reservoir all in one. The retractable clip ensures that you never misplace the brush and prevents your friends from stealing yours! Trust me they are going to want to steal it. I can’t wait to see what these guys come out with for version 2 enhancements!

Fun from the Floor

From celebrities to old friends, classic brands and garage startups you never know who or what you’re going to encounter on the floor. Below are some of just the “fun” moments and experiences I had during this year’s show:

An advertising email from Uneekor simulators caught my attention several weeks before the show. They were promoting a long drive contest for media members where you have the opportunity to win a Vessel Staff bag. The only catch… you have to beat their Hulk of a college student (who also was named Troy!).

After some practice sessions in my friends basement simulator leading up to the show I decided to test my luck. While my drive of 299 was no where close to his bombs of 360-plus, I was able to keep it in the fairway while he was not. Well rules are rules and I am now the proud owner of a new Vessel Staff Bag. Thanks Uneekor!!

I got the privilege of meeting Rick Shiels at the Lyle and Scott booth this year. He was very approachable, friendly and happy to answer my questions about his business success. Stay tuned for my upcoming review on Lyle and Scott apparel!

Check out these virtual reality goggles from PuttView. These glasses measure all aspects of the green including break, undulation and elevation to provide a virtual putting line right on the putting surface. The technology is truly incredible and once I got the glasses on I could not miss. The only question now is how I save up $15K to buy my own pair!

What I think will be the start of a new annual tradition was an epic golf adventure to one of the finest golf courses on the planet… Pirates Cove. Paul and I paired up with Luke and Mark from Stewart Golf to see who could read the trickiest of greens.

Some amazing putting, heartbreak and water hazards eventually led to a Luke and Troy victory. Until next year gentlemen, keep practicing.

Well I guess that’s a wrap for the 2023 Show! Stay tuned for some exciting product and course reviews throughout the season, and let me know if you pick up any of these products and what you think! Until next year… keep ’em in play!

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