Steadfast Golf Jupiter Shafts: Upgrade your game!

It’s the time of year in the Midwest when you are ready to come out swinging from golf hibernation.

After 5 months of winter rust you just may be a little stiff on your first range visit. As you loosen up, however, you may start to notice that you are not hitting the ball just how you want to. Before running to the sporting goods store to pick up the latest and greatest clubs, consider what really may be the problem: your shafts.

If you haven’t thought about upgrading your club shafts then now is the time! I recently came across a great company out of Florida called Steadfast Golf that is making high-quality, affordable golf shafts that just might be the key that takes your game to the next level.

Basic Shaft Background

Getting past the obvious ball and shaft jokes, picking the right golf shaft can be a critical factor when it comes to your overall performance on the golf course. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when selecting a golf shaft:

  1. Flex: The flex of a golf shaft refers to how much it bends during the swing. Generally, the slower your swing speed, the more flexible the shaft you will need. The flex options usually include extra stiff, stiff, regular, senior and ladies.
  2. Weight: The weight of the shaft can affect your swing speed, and therefore your overall performance. Lighter shafts tend to generate faster swing speeds, while heavier shafts may offer more control.
  3. Length: The length of the shaft can also affect your swing as longer shafts tend to produce more distance but tend to be more difficult to control.
  4. Kick point: The kick point refers to where the shaft bends most during the swing. Low kick point shafts tend to produce higher ball flights, while high kick point shafts produce lower ball flights.
  5. Torque: Torque refers to the amount of twisting that occurs in the shaft during the swing. A lower torque can lead to a more consistent shot, while a higher torque may provide more feel and feedback.

A Little About The Jupiter Shaft

Steadfast Golf produced the Jupiter shaft as a high-quality option for players of all skill levels. Their shafts are designed to provide maximum performance and accuracy, and they use the latest technology and materials to create shafts that are both lightweight and strong. Jupiter shafts offer a variety of flexes to fit different player profiles and are available in compatible tips for all major brands.

Different Flexes Available Ranging from X stiff to Senior

The brand new Steadfast JUPITER ONE PLUS Driver Shaft was designed with torque and balance as its number one priority, making it one of the best-feeling and most stable shafts on the market today.

Its optimized head to shaft weight balance leads to an easier swing through the ball, allowing the club to lead the hands through impact and naturally increase distance and carry while getting the proper RPM.

When you strike the toe or heel, you’ll still find your ball in or near the fairway. You’ll still get solid distance, too, as the test results proved.

Steadfast Golf carbon fiber golf shafts are an improvement to the typical graphite shaft, increasing the durability, performance, and overall feel of a driver.

If you are looking to drive longer and/or straighter then this is the shaft for you!

Steadfast Golf Website
Callaway Epic 3 wood tip and Ping Driver Tip I tested
List of compatible tips

My Experience With Jupiter

Up until recently I haven’t been someone to tinker with my clubs. I have always been a player that has adjusted my game to fit how I am hitting the ball. I am only now realizing how much improvement can be gained by having the “right” equipment and not just the “newest” equipment.

I have struggled for a long time with low ball trajectory and high spinning shots. When I went in to get a club fitting it was recommended that I purchase a $400+ shaft to fix this issue. I wanted to put these expensive shafts head-to-head with the Jupiter to really compare the performance.

The results from my session are telling, and I am happy to report that the Jupiter performed really well against the other shafts I tested.

The dispersion and distance map below shows the comparison of the Jupiter X shaft in purple to another name brand shaft which costs 4X more. As you can see, my dispersion was similar if not better with the Jupiter and my carry distance was further on average. You will also notice in my data that I felt comfortable increasing my swing speed and maintaining the accuracy from the club. This provided me a lot of confidence that I can now translate to the course to hit those long drives and impress my friends!

Jupiter (Purple) vs Other Brand (Blue)
Full Data From Jupiter X Testing

I was also very pleased with the Callaway 3-wood Jupiter shaft upgrade that I tested. While I was not able to compare the data on a Trackman, I did see an improvement in dispersion and a slight increase in distance during range testing.

Closing Thoughts

The Jupiter Shaft is a great option for most golfers who may want to try different flex options or are just not happy with their stock shaft performance. Since the Jupiter has been designed to have great general specifications it will be a great improvement for most players. That being said, however, it may not be the right fit for everybody. Everyone’s golf game is different and there is no one silver bullet that will work for every golfer.

I personally think that it is worth giving the Jupiter a shot. There is literally no risk with their amazing 100-day trial, and paired with a lifetime guarantee this is a great product for you to consider!

Take a look at the Jupiter Shafts from Steadfast Golf for yourself by clicking here, and use the code “WISCO” for 10% off your order!

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  1. Any know if this shaft is a rebranded “Steadfast” shaft or is it a newer redesign? I’ve contacted the company directly and they’ve dodged my question. Leads me to believe it’s a rebranding but it wouldn’t be 100% fair to conclude that. Thanks!

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