SwingJuice: Great Apparel from the First Tee to the Par-Tee

While wandering the apparel section at this year’s PGA Show I came across SwingJuice. What caught my eye in their sea of clothing was all the unique t-shirts and great looking sweatshirts they offer, and after speaking with their Chief Product Designer for a few minutes I could tell there is some real passion behind this brand! It’s that passion that’s led to all the cool designs they now offer that I’m excited to share with you.

SwingJuice booth at 2023 PGA Show

You may question the name of the company and why they are not a beverage brand, but SwingJuice was originally started as a drink for golfers. The quote from the SwingJuice website gives you some more insight:

SwingJuice initially came to market as a beverage company offering a unique energy drink specifically crafted for the golf enthusiast. In 2014, founder Jon Mason transitioned the SwingJuice brand away from beverages and into a golf-inspired apparel brand. The company was developed around the philosophy that it was time to break the mold – to squash the stereotype that golfers are hyper-conservative and stuffy. SwingJuice apparel allows you to display your passion for golf in a more fun, unique and approachable way.

Everything For The Course

Like I stated in my title, SwingJuice has a full line of apparel that will allow you to flow from on-the-course to off with no issues. Their course-specific lineup includes polos, shorts and quarter-zips, but with a great twist on their prints.

My favorite design in the polo lineup has to be the Magnolia. Not only was I rocking it during Masters Week but it looked great during my rounds at Pinehurst. I am wearing a size large in this picture and it fits great. I was really happy with the arm movement and the length so that it stayed tucked in.

Now this has to be the craziest patterned pull-over I have ever worn! The forest, mushroom and tree vibe is certainly something you don’t see everyday. The SwingJuice site is full of options, so if this isn’t quite your style then don’t worry. I will say this is the lightest, most comfortable pull-over I have ever worn, too. The material is fantastic and was perfect for a breezy day. I think the sizing on these runs a little big so if you are in between sizes then go down.

Full range of polo color options

The perfect piece when transitioning to off the course are the shorts I tried. The best way to describe these shorts would be a combination golf short, activewear and swimsuit. While I wouldn’t recommend going for a swim in them, I do feel like you could jump into the pond in them if you were really attached to your golf ball.

One of the coolest features of these shorts is the internal drawstring. There is no need to wear a belt and, in fact, there are no belt loops.

Mesh Pockets

I was very comfortable wearing these shorts in the South Carolina heat on a recent trip to Myrtle Beach. They were great on the beach in the morning and I went straight to the first tee in the afternoon.

Everything Else

The lineup of SwingJuice products continues to be great even after you shoot that 71 out on the course. Their hoodies were my go-to apparel on my recent trip, and my wife even commented on how great they fit. SwingJuice hoodies are available in a very traditional style with a front pouch, as well as in performance styles that fit more like a quarter-zip or pull-over. I feel like the latter allows you to use them at the course or for practice without worrying about swing interference.

SwingJuice’s performance hoodies feature a combination of materials that include spandex. While the “spandex” word may conjure up images of hip-hugging, slimming undergarments, the recent incorporation of this material into apparel is amazing. The stretch and give that spandex provides makes it a golfer’s best friend. I was never worried about loose clothing getting in the way and the form fit that the material provides will have you looking sharp.

If you’re interested in some casual golf swag then the SwingJuice t-shirts are AWESOME. I was most excited about their Wisconsin-themed shirt, of course, but their selection of unique designs and slogans makes them great for any golfer. Their t-shirt material is nice and soft and they run true to size. I’ve had no issues with shrinkage after a run through the laundry, either.

As a side note, if you have not joined the Transfusion Cocktail bandwagon then make sure to jump on this season! It is the perfect mid-round pick-me-up that you need.

The perfect Wisconsin pairing
3 essential ingredients for any great round

The Collections

SwingJuice has some great “collections” of branded gear that you have to browse. Ranging from “Golf and Tacos” to “Hip Hop” these collections will have you smiling as you look. The other great thing about the apparel in these collections is their availability in men’s, women’s and kids sizes. There are options for the whole family, which you don’t often find for golf apparel.

Since my son is starting T-Ball this year I plan on wearing the sweatshirt below to all his games. This will serve as my silent protest that I wish he was more into golf, but he will come around!

Apparel for All

I have been very happy with all the SwingJuice apparel I’ve tried, and the hoodies are now part of my regular clothing lineup. I think the pricing on this apparel is very fair and falls in the middle-of-the road section when compared to most brands out there.

You can really snag a great deal by using our exclusive 20% code (WISCO20). Bookmark the SwingJuice site and watch out for all their newest releases to help you stand out whether on the golf course or beyond.

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