Axglo V3: The Push Cart that Changed My Mind

So, the bosses here at asked me to review the Axglo V3.

I think they picked the perfect guy for the job. I don’t like push carts. Now in my defense I am not a curmudgeon in general, I have just experienced the course rental type push carts. The cheap over-abused kind that have seen the worst of drunken weekend warriors.

So, let’s start.

Axglo is a Canadian company that has been around since 2009. They have in-house manufacturing and engineering. They make push carts, electric carts and cart bags as well as a complete set of golf clubs.

I received the Axglo V3 quite quickly after we agreed to review it. As I unboxed it, the gorilla shipping company had managed to beat up the product and break a piece. A shoutout to Bonnie at Axglo and bam, a new part arrived before I could even finish the trashy novel I’d started.

My initial impression was that there was a great deal of attention paid to the form and function. I am a design freak, so it has to be visually appealing as well as function to get past my product snobbery. The Axglo V3 fit the bill. Not only was it beautiful and really functional but was super high quality (another of my many pet peeves). It was ergonomic and well thought out.

A very cool feature was how small the V3 folded up. Storage space, stability and precision seem to be the hallmarks of the Axglo V3.


Let’s start with the small footprint when folded:

Unless you live in a house the size of an Amazon fulfillment center, you need your cart not to have to pull double duty as a laundry drying rack. And if your place is as big as a fulfillment center why occupy the space? It opens easily and quickly and you can customize the handle height to fit an altitude-challenged stature like myself.

The V3 also allows you to lock everything up tight so you won’t be pushing it up the 5th fairway and then have an unplanned structure disassembly happen, resulting in your tossing a brand new driver into the pond by where your drive also ended up.

Storage space… what can I say, there is a small river barge worth of space on this. There are two spaces plus you can purchase separately additional. I could fit my camera system in it was so spacious. Plus I had room for my keys, wallet and phone.

Something I noticed while taking it for my first test round is the large front wheel. I feel this keeps the cart stable but also you can lock the swivel from the normal 360º swivel the front wheel has.

Rounding out the features are the brake, umbrella holder (adjustable to just about umbrella size) and beverage holder. The brake is a positive lock / no chasing your cart down the hill type mechanism. The umbrella holding is pure genius! My caddie has not shown up for years, so I am very tired of holding my own umbrella. As for the beverage holder, I can’t keep up with John Daly anymore so I keep to sports drinks on the course.

Finally, you have the choice of wheel accents to customize your Axglo V3, adjustable bag straps and a carry bag… All excellent features for the serious golfer.

The meat of the review:

As I said in the beginning, I am not a push cart fan. After a few rounds with the Axglo V3 I have seen the light. From the very first push of this cart it felt like an extension of myself, not some McGyver type semi-solution to dragging your bag around the course like an underpaid Sherpa. EVERYTHING on the cart was intuitive and, in my humble opinion, perfectly placed.

I felt like this was the caddie I am unwilling to pay but is there to make my round enjoyable as well as function like a Swiss army knife and have everything I need to slay the dragons of the green at my ready. If I did not love this cart you would know it; I have been the naysayer of push carts my entire career. If you are looking for a push cart to up your enjoyment of the game then I highly recommend the Axglo V3.

Axglo is also introducing a line of motorized carts and I can’t wait to see them perform and get back to you! For those who want to pull the trigger right now and make your golf round physically easier, the good folks at Axglo are offering the followers of WiscoGolfAddict a 10% discount on orders. Just Add WISCO10 as your discount code at checkout.

In conclusion, I give this cart a score of Eagle, way above Par!!

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