Full Wedge: The official Gear of Good Times

Golf apparel has continued to shift at an exponential rate from a traditional solid or striped shirt to funky patterns and wacky designs. Full Wedge Golf has built a brand centered around this shift in style and delivers some unique prints and colors you won’t find anywhere else.


Portside Polo (Size Large)

The flagship products of Full Wedge are definitely their polos. With a product line that spans mens, womens and kids you can outfit the entire family in great looking apparel and even coordinate your clan if you want.

When I visited the Full Wedge booth at the PGA Show last year I was immediately drawn in by one polo shirt in particular: The Sip and Twirl Transfusion! If you haven’t added this drink to your rotation out on the course then you are missing out. I felt that the shirt was so unique and cool and would certainly help speed up my order with the cart girl!

Enjoying my Transfusion on the 10th hole at Mid Pines

Sizing and Material

If you have a closet full of polos like me you know that every brand has different definitions of sizing and shape. Full Wedge polos run true to what I would consider normal sizing. The stretch fabric and athletic cut ensure that it looks good on all types of frames. You can see in the picture below that both Paul and I are wearing size large. and they fit our very different body shapes great.

Paul and I sporting some great designs at Mid Pines golf course

Full Wedge polos are also advertised to be wrinkle-resistant, which I can whole-heartedly confirm. If you are looking for shirts that will travel well then these will pack with no problem.

Stealth Polo Print

PullOvers / Shirts / Hats

Moving past their extensive polo selection, Full Wedge also offers great pullovers and t-shirts.

The Full Wedge lineup of quarter-zips and hoodies is a little more tame when it comes to patterns and designs, but there are still some unique colors. I personally like the mint color quarter-zip as it is a good “gateway” color for people looking to add some new flair to their wardrobe. The material of this quarter-zip is so comfortable and provides the perfect flexibility so it doesn’t affect your swing. I would have liked the bottom to be a little more elastic to fit snug on my waist but it didn’t affect my swing at all.

There are a few shirt options on the Full Wedge site but my favorite in their collection has to be “I Like To Golf.” Much to the annoyance of my wife I wear this shirt frequently, ensuring that she know just what I would like to be doing at all times.

Not all hats are created equal and I have come to realize that in the past few years. The Navy Wedge hat that I currently have is one of my favorites. The fit of the hat is great and the price point under $30 is really a good value. With the current trend in hats being big bold words, the “Wedge” hat is perfect to add to your cap collection. Because my wedge game is my weakness right now I also feel this hat gives me a little extra confidence around the greens.

Get the “Good Times”

Full Wedge’s goals on their website align well with how I feel about their brand after testing it:

1. To create flat-out cool golf apparel that stands out among the rest.

2. To create golf apparel that is extremely comfortable, mobile and light to allow you to perform at your best.

3. To change the stigma around the game and take golf apparel to new heights.

All the products I’ve tested from Full Wedge have been great, and I’ve been really happy with their quality, style options and price. This brand is definitely worth a look and consideration the next time you’re considering updating your own wardrobe.

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