ForeLife: Shoes that Stand Out

A new player in the golf footwear game, ForeLife has created a shoe that definitely surprised me. I came across ForeLife about a year ago when browsing for some new golf shoes that would make me stand out on the course. At that time their original “Reflective” model shoes were just being released for a very small test run. What immediately caught my eye was, of course, the print. I had never seen any shoe like it and was intrigued. Fast forward to today and ForeLife is off and running (no pun intended) with two available shoe models and a product that’s really impressed me.

Reflective and Elevation Models

The Shoes

You may ask what makes these shoes so impressive? First of all, I guarantee you will not see anyone else wearing shoes that look like these out on the course. I always get comments or questions when I am on the range or first tee. They catch peoples’ attention and are truly unique. Second, these are without a doubt the comfiest shoes I have ever worn. I purposely left off the word “golf” in that last sentence. These are the comfiest shoes, period, I have ever worn.

What I think makes them so comfortable is that they seem to be designed to fit most foot styles. I ordered the same size I wear for my everyday shoes, which is 11.5. Having wide feet I sometimes find that this can be a little snug depending on the brand but that was not an issue here. The toe box is wide without being obnoxious and the heel is well padded so there are no rubbing issues.

On-Course Performance

These shoes can certainly “talk the talk” with their style, but can they “walk the walk”? Looking past the styling, I put them through their paces on the course.

Many traditionalist golfers scoff at spikeless shoes as they feel they don’t have the same traction as spiked models. The spikes on Forelife shoes, however, are different than other brands I’ve tested in the past. First, as you can see in the image below, the entire length of the shoes are covered in spikes. Second, the spikes have more depth and a pointed peak that I feel provides more grip. The shoes performed well in both dry and wet conditions and I would consider the grip somewhere between a traditional spiked and the other brands of spikeless models on the market today.

View of the Spiked Sole

The next feature I wanted to test was the shoe’s waterproofness. While I may shy away from rounds in pouring rain when I can, I want to feel confident that they can hold up to wet grass and light rain. I probably looked like a crazy man splashing thru puddles and purposely walking in wet, tall grass but it had to be done. I found the soles and top sides of the shoes to perform great in wet conditions. The tongue area and laces absorbed some water, but overall my feet were comfortable.

A Little Reflection Fun with the “Reflective” Shoes

Speaking of comfort, walking 18 holes in these shoes is a dream. I am not sure what these guys stuffed them with but it’s working. You can see from the top angle just how thick the padding on the sides and heel is. I was initially worried that this might lead to an unsupported ankle or awkward twisting when swinging, but that has not been the case.

Top View of Padding

After using these shoes for the entire season I am happy to report that they have passed every test and condition I could throw at them. The wear on them has been minimal and I bet I’ll get several seasons out of them. The Reflective model has been moved to the front of my lineup and has become my go-to shoe to grab for rounds.

Treat Your Feet

Are these shoes for you? I’m sure some people may think their style is a little out there. Coming from a place just a few years ago of always wearing a plain shirt, khakis and traditional styled kicks, myself, anyone can make these work. Your feet will never be the same once you’ve worn these once. Did I mention the best part? They’re under $100.

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