The Golf Breeze by Zoom Broom: The Ultimate Fall Golf Accessory

Extending a golf season is the goal of every Midwestern player. The last several rounds of golf will have us fighting temperature drops, snow flurries and piles of leaves. The Golf Breeze from Zoom Broom can help with at least one of those obstacles.

I first came across the Zoom Broom at the 2022 PGA show in Orlando. I was drawn to the booth immediately by the swirling leaves scattered down the aisle. I had never considered a solution for the fall leaf problem on the course and figured I would be sweeping the green with my hand or towel for the rest of my life. What impressed me most was the power and promise of this fitting nicely in my golf bag for easy access.

Golf Breeze Booth at PGA Show

Out On The Course

Included headcover
Without headcover

After receiving my Golf Breeze I charged it up with the included USB-C charger and away I went. I tested it with everything from a small stand bag to full staff models and the Golf Breeze should fit easily in any golf bag. Its length is the same as a 3-wood and the thickness is that of a medium putter grip. The included headcover makes the Golf Breeze look like just another club in your bag, but you will notice a little extra weight. Even if you’re walking, it is certainly not unmanageable.


One concern I had with the Golf Breeze was just how much noise it would make out on the course. I would equate the sound level produced to that of a blow dryer on a high setting. The several rounds I used it for I didn’t notice any surrounding groups bothered by it whatsoever. That being said, I would still be conscious of your surroundings and how noise may impact others on the course. Take a look at the video below to get a sense of the noise.

Noise Test


So just how powerful is the Golf Breeze? I am happy to report that Tim the Tool Man would be very pleased. Twigs, leaves and needles didn’t stand a chance against the Breeze on the green. The power that this device outputs is truly impressive for its size. There are two modes (Hi and Low) but I found myself leaving it on Hi for all the rounds I used it.

Clearing my birdie putt

I also wanted to test the Breeze in some heavy leaves when looking for my ball. I found that it worked, but I did need to get pretty close to heavy debris that needed to be cleared for it to be effective.

Hunting for a buried ball

Battery Life

The Golf Breeze battery is built into the handle and charged via a USB-C connection. I was very curious to see just how long the battery lasted. It is reported to last about 40 minutes on low and 18 on the high setting. My testing results showed that to be pretty accurate. That being said, you are probably never going to run the Golf Breeze continuously so the real question is: “how many rounds will it last?” After using the unit for the fall season I found myself charging it after about four rounds. That was with me using it on about 5-7 holes per course. So, to be conservative, figure you have about 20 greens of clearing power on a high setting.

Do I Need This?

If you love gadgets then yes, you should get the Golf Breeze. I can tell you I was the hero on numerous occasions in my group when I could offer this up to someone looking to clear their putting line or hunting for a ball in the woods. You should also consider that this can be used year-round around the house for blowing off patios, decks, boats, garages, etc. Overall, the Golf Breeze exceeded my expectations for power, battery life and certainly with convenience in the bag. I would recommend picking one up and becoming the master of fall!

Conquer the Fall!

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