Product Review: Seamus Fescue Project – the Sunday Bag of All Sunday Bags

My wife, Kelly, and I bought each other one present apiece to open on the morning of our wedding day.

We set a $500 limit, and my choice of Kessler 81 diamond earrings for her was an easy call. On the other hand, I had absolutely no idea what she was getting me. She kept saying I probably knew what it was, and then I was shocked to open it the morning of Saturday, September 24 (our wedding day).

I love the idea of Sunday bags: Just the essentials in a light, easy-to-carry bag for a leisurely round of golf be it on a Sunday or any other day. Living on the sixth hole at North Hills Country Club, it allows me to grab a few clubs and balls to play just a few holes – sometimes the sixth, seventh, 12th and 13th, and other times the 14th followed by the fourth and fifth. You don’t need every weapon in the arsenal for those routes!

Knowing how much I love everything Seamus Golf, Kelly got me the Sunday bag of all Sunday bags: The Fescue Project bag. The Fescue Project comes in four different color schemes, including black on gray, black on black, Snowtrooper, and harvest tan – harvest tan is my style, which my wife obviously knew when she ordered it.


Fescue Project bags cost around $450 apiece and are made to order in the USA with a 4-6 week lead time. My bag has a harvest tan wax canvas shell, olive green gridwax lining and trim, and tanned bridle weight leather trim for the carry handle, club dividers and base. Hand crafted in Oregon, the bag weighs under three pounds when empty, features a zippered pocket and phone / scorecard slip pocket, and receives a ton of compliments!

My new Seamus Golf harvest tan Fescue Project Sunday bag

Unexpectedly, there were also cool surprises in the pockets: A hand-forged copper ball marker magnetically attached to the phone slip pocket (very cool little feature), and a $125 hand-forged divot repair tool / bottle opener in the zippered pocket.

I was intimidated for the first couple of weeks to actually use the bag – this thing belongs behind museum glass, not on the wet grass of a golf course! But, I’ve used it a handful of times since the season ended and it’s proved to be durable and has managed to stay clean. Also, everyone I’ve played with has mentioned something about it to me, it’s a work of art.

They say, and I believe, that great presents are the things you’d love but would never buy for yourself. My wife must really love me, because I can’t think of anything as personal that I’d appreciate as much as this bag that I could never spend that kind of money on for myself.

Seamus Golf makes some unbelievably cool golf gear. I bought Seamus driver head covers and bottle holders for the groomsmen in our wedding, and I obviously use the same ones in my own bag. If you’re a golf enthusiast and are looking for a great idea for personalized, one-of-a-kind presents like we were, check out their site at Seamus Golf.

Also……. Kelly and I are wishing you all a safe and Happy New Year!

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