Goodstick Golf Alignment Sticks

If you look at any golf pro’s bag today you will notice a pair of sticks that look like driver shafts missing a head. What are these things you may wonder? These devices are alignment aids and in just the past several years there has been an explosion in the use of these simple game improvement items and now they seem to be just as common of an accessory as a towel. What is all the hype really about, though? Can a pair of seemingly simple sticks help to improve your game?

Yes They Can 

I started using alignment sticks about 2 years ago after watching a local teaching professional out on the range. The various drills I watched him use the sticks for made total sense and after trying them out the next range session I was hooked. The possibilities are endless when it comes to alignment sticks from hitting shots on the range to working on your putting. I attribute using alignment aids at the range to a significant drop in my handicap as I could focus on my swing and not worry about aim or alignment with each shot.  

Why Goodstick? 

If you went through a progression like me, I started by laying down a club, then I found some old wooden dowels, then a piece of string, but none of my home grown devices were quite designed to be used as a practice tool and certainly didn’t look professional. Enter Goodstick… They have taken alignment aids to another level, complete with a couple of key elements that I want to call out: 

  1. Magnetic tops – The magnet at the top of the sticks is perfect for keeping the two sticks together and preventing them from rattling during a round or on the range. This is by far my favorite feature of the product. Such a simple addition really makes a huge difference.
  2. Pointed ends – The ends of the Goodsticks are pointed, allowing you to put them in the ground for setup configurations. When you are all done you can slip back on the protective rubber cap. 
  3. Length – If you are using your own alignment sticks you may find that they are too long or short when you place them in your bag. The Good Sticks are the perfect length, sitting slightly lower than a standard length driver. You won’t have to worry about these getting caught in your trunk. 
  4. Color – There are a couple of color options you can choose from, but I went with the classic black and white. I think they sit nicely in the bag and look professional when I am headed to the range. 
  5. Cost – At under $20 these are a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone (caution they may stick out of a normal stocking). 

Quick Coupler 

Along with the alignment sticks I tried out the Quick Coupler adapter. This ingenious piece allowed me to use the sticks in ways I never thought possible.

I have watched golf instructors use all manner of tripods, long sticks, pool noodles along with anything imaginable to create different swing and alignment combinations. With the coupler you are able to do that quickly with your two sticks. There was even a quick instruction card included with a variety of setups that could be used to conduct improvement drills.

I set up some of these combinations and you can take a look in the video below. The coupler is lightweight and comes with a carry pouch. I plan to just leave in my bag from now on.

Other Products 

If you take a stroll through the Goodstick website you will notice a couple of additional products that you or the golfer in your life may like. I would call out the putting string line and the FlexStick as two that would be great holiday gifts. Also make sure to look at the customization options that are offered to really make a pair of sticks your own.

Do I need this? 

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to improve your game alignment, aids cannot be overstated. I think Goodstick has created an affordable and professional looking product that you will not be ashamed of leaving in your bag all season. Pair a set with the Quick Coupler and you have a perfect gift for a serious golfer. 

You can buy your own set of Goodsticks here

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