Swing Minder Quick Reference Cards

I don’t know about you but sometimes golf seems like an intricate dance where foot position, balance and tempo are key. Left foot front, right foot back, weight forward ease into it. Well if you are like me you may have a limited set of ballroom dance skills that definitely don’t translate well to the golf course. The unlimited possibility of shot situations you may find yourself on the golf course all require a different approach to hitting that perfect shot. The Swing Minder Quick Reference Cards will certainly help you understand the best approach to all types of shots.

What do the cards cover? 

These cards have shots covered from tee box to green covering all shot shapes, ball placements and lies. This product is not a tool that will teach you the game of golf, but it will however help you refine and hone your game in certain situations. These situations include shots such as the dreaded fried egg, the downhill stance and a 50 foot putt. The cards give quick visuals on things such as foot placement, where to aim, what to do with your grip and your swing. I was surprised as I flipped through the book to find some shots that I typically don’t encounter during a round but always struggle when I do.   

Who is this for? 

As a 3-handicap I was a little skeptical about what these cards would provide me to help my game. I was pleasantly surprised by the content and actually learned a couple of things. I took the cards to the range and dedicated 30 balls to just going through and trying the different shot types and shapes using the tips. I could say that the instructions were spot on and I was able to execute the shot suggestions. For a mid to high handicapper having control of their game might be a little more challenging but at least knowing what to do and how to stand in some of these tough situations would certainly help. I would suspect that mid to high handicappers would save a number of strokes per round just by referencing some of the tips in the cards as they played. 

Should I buy it? 

I think this a good gift idea for sure if you are looking for something for a mid to high handicapper. I could see someone quickly taking a glance at this between shots or using it on the range until they have content memorized. The cards are nicely laminated and I feel like they would hold up just fine tucked in the pocket of your golf bag. It comes nicely packaged and would be a great stocking stuffer.

You can pickup your own set on the Swing Minder website here

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