Royal Tees: Golf Simulator Accessories that Stay in Place

I came across Royal Tees Golf when I was searching for tees for my indoor simulator. During a quick call with the founder, Kevin, I learned it was a passion project company out of Jackson, Michigan, where Kevin and his business partner, Rich, found a way to utilize their existing rubber injection molding systems to make products that solve for an issue every golfer who’s used a simulator before has faced: Constantly looking for and having to retrieve tees.

They have product tested a number of styles and types of tees and have a good selection of other products as well. I got a nice assortment of items to test and will detail my thoughts below. 

Launch Pad 

This is what I was originally looking for. A good solution for the problem of indoor tees. The launch pad is a half moon shaped rubber disc with a small point on the top. This allows you to swap different height tees as you are practicing. The base kept the tee nicely in place during driver swings. I used the lowest base to hit some iron shots as well. The lowest tee does not need to be secured to the base and because of this each swing sent it flying. You can check out my swings in the video below. Overall this was the perfect solution for what I needed indoors. If you have any kind of indoor practice area these are for you.

R5/ R4 Tees

The nucleus of the product line from Royal Tees is their fully flexible R5 and R4 tees. They come in a variety of sizes and colors (if that matters to you) and claim to reduce spin. Now as a person who struggles with a high spin rate I want to do some more through testing on this claim but from my initial driving range tests the hitting feedback was good, I did not see a significant change in distance, but it is cold in Wisconsin right now. 

Ball Retriever 

You are never too young to start using one of these. I have joked about needing one of these the past season on my mallet putter as I was forced to bend over and pick up my ball off the green. This is such a simple design with expandable rubber I think it will fit over most grips except the super strokes. I threw it on top of my putter and away I went. I was initially worried about it snagging on something when coming out of my bag but it was a non issue. 

Tethered Tees

This is just simply an ingenious idea. If you are like me I am constantly hiking back and forth on the driving range picking up my tee after a shot. Royal Tees created this tee with the purpose of keeping you from losing one of their tees down the range. When I took it out and used it I found it to work perfectly and had no interference with my swing. I also used it as an alignment aid for some of my iron shots, helping me to square my feet. 

Royal Tees Gift Box 

If you are not sure what the golfer in your life needs this is the product to pick. The gift box was nicely packaged and had a hat, towel, logoed balls, tees and a variety of other products. All of the items were great quality and I can definitely see myself using them out on the course. 

Do I need to try these? 

I am usually the guy stuffing my bag with the free wooden tees on the first hole but I can see myself using the Royal Tees moving forward. I certainly will be using the tethered tees on the range and I would love to prove out the reduced spin rate claim. I think overall the Royal Tees products are great and if you are looking for a low-cost golf related gift keep these products in mind. 

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