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The bells of the Whistling Straits sheep echo in my head as I unwrap my wool apparel from Wuru. If those sheep can weather the elements of that course, maybe we should all take note. I had never considered wool as a typical material type for golf clothing, but boy was I proven wrong. The first feel of the wool made me want to grab my sticks, put on my kilt and hit the first tee at St. Andrews. 

Fit and Feel 

The material used in the Wuru products I tested is a blend of merino wool and nylon which gives a slight stretchiness to the apparel. I absolutely loved the fit of both the polo and zip-up that I tried. I typically buy a medium or large depending on the brand of clothing, and large was the right option for Wuru. I found both pieces to be well-tailored, tapering at the waist and fitting my broad shoulders nicely. 

  1. Zip-Up   

    First off, the length of this zip-up is perfect. With other jackets I sometimes I find my midriff showing or I have a nice long coattail. The tapered waist gave my body a nice shape (at least that’s what my wife said…), and I would feel comfortable wearing this on the course, to the office or out to dinner.

    There was plenty of movement so I didn’t feel constricted when swinging. There were a couple of hidden thumb loops on the wrist that I liked, too. This allowed me to pull the sleeves down to keep my hands warm between shots. I tried this out on a mid 40s day with a little wind and was perfectly warm. I think I would pair this with a light wind jacket if it was really breezy, but for a warmth layer this will do the trick. I took a quick video so you can see the fit on me of the zip-up:

  1. Merino Polo 

    I was expecting this polo to feel heavy like a thick cotton shirt, but it was exactly the opposite. If you have ever worn wool running socks this feels exactly the same. Again, the cut of this polo was so nice.

    I chose a size large and it fit my body shape but again gave me an athletic looking trim. It was long enough that I could comfortably tuck it in but also looked good untucked.

    I am a minimalist when it comes to colors and patterns so I liked that this shirt was a nice soft blue and had just a simple raised stripe. The stretchiness of the nylon made me feel unrestricted when swinging. Just like merino socks, I had no overheating or moisture issues when wearing this shirt. I think it is going to be perfect for spring golf.

    I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to get some new polos this season. There are a variety of colors offered on the site, as well. 
  1. Socks 

    You cannot go wrong with an amazing pair of socks. For years I was the guy who always wore the gold toe target special until I figured out that a good pair of socks can make your day. I always wear wool socks when I am playing golf so I was excited to try the Wuru brand.

    I find that wool socks adapt to any condition. They keep me cool, and dry if it’s hot (and my feet sweat a lot!), and are nice and toasty when it’s cold. Wearing the Wuru socks for a round, I was impressed. They were comfortable and kept me nice and warm in the 40-degree Wisconsin weather.

    I especially like the extra padding around the back heel. This may seem like a simple thing but I often get rub marks after walking 18 in my shoes. That little bit of padding kept my heel from blistering. I cannot recommend these socks enough! Make the investment and your feet will thank you. 

Should you make room in your closet?

I am now all about the wool baby! Wuru has convinced me that this material is going to work well for me on the course. I think the combination of the merino and nylon makes the perfect feel and stretch to the fabric in these products. I can see myself wearing this zip-up to the course and straight into the clubhouse after. The look and feel of wool is so timeless and classic that this will stay current in your wardrobe for a long time. 

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