Delta Putt: The Training Aid to Fix Your Putting Woes

We have all gone through the putter doubt at some point during our golf career. If you are as bad as me you have an extra staff bag in the basement with a dozen different putters. If you haven’t had your epiphany yet, take this as your hint: It isn’t the putter… it’s you.

So, we’ve established you can go back to old trusty, but what can you do to make him work again? Well, here comes Delta Putt to save the day!

A Triangle?

The Delta Putt is an ingenious design that incorporates a triangle shaped device to give you instant feedback on your stroke and face alignment. The general concept is that the triangle will show if you are pulling or pushing putts by the path of travel, along with wether you had an open or closed putter face based on where the tip of the triangle points.

There are 3 levels of difficulty aptly named Amateur, Pro and Tour. The intention is to work through the levels with each one providing less and less forgiveness. Although it does not exactly feel like hitting a golf ball, the way the triangle is designed with the rubber bumper it gives good feedback on the putter face.

Putting Mat

The putting mat is a narrow mesh type of green that laid out nicely on my wood floor as well as on my carpeting. It is important that you find a nice flat surface so as not to affect the putting path. The alignment aides on the mat were easy to follow and it had plenty of length to simulate nice full strokes. It also is nice and light, so I feel like I could roll it up and take it with me (maybe in the cubicle at work?). The triangle itself glides smoothly across the mat and actually feels somewhat like hitting a ball as a I mentioned before. Take a look at the quick video I made of it in action below.

Fixing your game

The best part of the Delta Putt is the included help guide. There are some great instructions on what the triangle’s path and movement are telling you and how to correct it. There were suggestions for adjusting stance, grip and stroke which I found incredibly useful. I could tell within 5 minutes of using this what I suspected all along: My putting needs a lot of work. I followed the tips and after another 10 minutes was rolling the triangle so much better. I could really tell my stroke was more natural and fluid and feel I can translate it to the course.

The Delta Dueler

Along with the single putting mat there is an option to get the Delta Dueler. This is a game-based approach to help you correct putting that you can play by yourself or with friends. The concept is the same as far as the triangle feedback and putting path, but there are targets to aim for – similar to shuffleboard. I found this to be a fun way to work on my stroke and speed control. Take a look at some of the pictures of the Dueler below.

Is this something for everyone?

Putting makes up 40% of your strokes and the age-old phrase “Drive for show and putt for dough” is still as true as ever. I think every golfer would benefit from this system. I certainly felt instant feedback on my game and was able to make meaningful corrections. I think at under $50 this is really a great gift for any level of golfer, and the fact that it can be used on any surface should ensure it gets use even during the off-season.

Get your own Delta Putt or Delta Putt Dueler system on Amazon:

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