Clean Flight Personal Ball Washer

You’ve done it again… You hit a perfect shot to the green, got the 3 feet of pro spin and triumphantly fix your ball mark. Your ball looks like it just got done with a Tough Mudder, though, and you’ve still got a 4-foot putt you need to drain. You reach for your towel but its dry, and the mud is not coming off. Good thing you have the Clean Flight personal ball washer clipped on your bag.

What is this?

This may seem like a simple device, but just imagine a smaller version of the tee box golf ball washer clipped to your bag. With these items disappearing regularly from golf courses, a new solution has been needed. The Clean Flight washer gives you a nice, compact unit that if you keep it filled with water and a little bit of cleaning solution you will never have to worry about having a dirty ball again.

How well does it work?

After using this device for a round I am convinced that I need it. Its simplicity makes it quick to use and the ball comes out gleaming every time. If you’re like me, you spend time every couple of holes to dump some water on your towel only for it to be dry when you go to use it. The plastic container holds water and cleaning solution and is light enough to carry even if you’re walking. A simple twist of the top releases the washer, and in goes a golf ball. You provide the power for this washer, but with about 5 seconds of pumping you’ll have a perfectly spotless ball.

Closeup of the internal brushes

Will I like this?

It was really nice using this on the course. I liked not having to rely on the towel and could not find a ball washer for the life of me. All of my playing partners asked to use it as they had nothing to clean with.

I heard the same feedback every time: “This is nice, works quick.” I don’t know if I’d keep it on my bag if I was carrying every time, but for pushcart golfers and cart riders it’s definitely a great accessory to keep handy.

Ready to keep your golf balls clean on the course? Pick up your own Clean Flight Premium Washer on Amazon.

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