PXG Apparel: The Aloha Collection Short-Sleeved Polo

Palm trees and sand, warm weather, tropical plant life, downtime at the beach or pool with craft cocktails and playing beautiful, sand-laden golf courses… I want to be there, and every year as the PGA Tour jumps into action in Hawaii it makes me feel a little closer to our own golf season… If only for a few weeks.

We’ve got a little vacation set up ourselves, heading out after the Holidays to bring the Family Truckster down to Florida. While there will be no Wally World on the agenda [and we’re hoping for a less eventful drive this time around], Kelly and I will be dropping the kids off at Nana and Papa’s and spending a couple nights at one of our favorite vacation destinations: Streamsong Resort.

One of the spots I most dream of being, by Hemy’s Poolside at the Streamsong infinity pool

As Winter barrels down on us here in the Midwest, it’s important to have something to look forward to, and plan for. For me, a small part of that planning is always “What am I going to wear?” and “What new golf gear will I bring?”

In just seven short years, Parsons Extreme Golf (PXG) has already become one of the game’s premiere brand names, digging out their own niche in the marketplace that never really existed before: Extremely high-end golf clubs.

Owned by the billionaire Founder of GoDaddy.com, Bob Parsons, PXG designs and builds some of the game’s most highly researched and sought-after sets of clubs, used by an elite squad of professional golfers and retailing for as much as $349 base per club for their 0311 ST Gen4 blades. I’ve swung them a few times at PXG fitting days at North Hills Country Club, and trust me they feel like you’d expect at that price point!

“Nobody makes golf clubs the way we do. Period.”

It turns out PXG makes a really high-quality golf clothing line, too, including their all-new Hawaiian-inspired Aloha Collection.

Celebrating the start of the PGA Tour season at Kapalua, the Aloha collection polos feature a bold black, white and gray floral pattern that accents the shirts’ collar and seams.

Available in black or white, and athletic or regular fit, the 86/14 nylon-to-spandex fabric blend is form-fitting yet moves beautifully with the golf swing. This is an incredibly comfortable golf shirt, which you’d expect for a $100-plus polo, and the UPF 50+ sun protection and moisture-wicking, anti-microbial makeup should ensure its performance and longevity for a long time to come – as long as I can keep the BBQ sauce away from it at the Streamsong Red half-way house.

The PXG Aloha Capsule Collection polo, in white

The short-sleeved Aloha polo is just one part of PXG’s new clothing line, which includes 13 total styles and accessories for men and women, as well as a special edition Aloha series forged wedge. Unless I buy that beautiful wedge first, my next PXG purchase is likely to be the Aloha shorts in black (shown below, images courtesy of PXG):

Men’s Aloha pattern shorts, in black
Women’s Aloha quarter-zip, in white
The new Aloha 56* forged wedge
Men’s Aloha short-sleeved polo, in black

While I normally tend to be a little on the conservative side with my outfits, I love getting outside my comfort zone on vacations, and with its laidback vibes and great feeling fabric, my new Aloha polo is sure to make its way to Streamsong with me.

PXG’s Aloha Capsule Collection

Shopping PXG

Growing quickly, PXG plans to have 12 retail stores opened by the end of 2021, and 24 by the end of ’22. For golf enthusiasts here in Wisconsin, our nearest brick and mortar location is across the Wisconsin/Illinois border in the Chicago suburb of Oak Brook, but if you’re not interested in visiting our neighbors to the south you can also find their full line of clubs, apparel and accessories on their website or Amazon, linked here:

Shop PXG on their website

Shop PXG on Amazon

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