Tidy Golfer Portable Club Cleaner

Is there anything worse than a dirty club out on the golf course? I guess a dirty club that is stuck in the garage. Regardless, say goodbye to your cleaning woes with the handy Tidy Golfer. This ingenious little device is the perfect way to keep your clubs and balls clean out on the course. It hangs discreetly on your bag and weighs absolutely nothing.

The concept is basically a small pouch that you add a little water to which stays inside the pouch and not all over your bag. If you are like me constantly dumping water on a towel throughout a round this is a huge improvement.

What sets the Tidy Golfer apart from other cleaners I have used is that they added a scrub sponge inside. This not only helps to retain the water but gets off the hard-to-clean dirt easily. I found myself using this throughout the round and frequently unclipped it to take to the green for cleaning my ball.

For a quick stocking stuffer this is a great item. It will certainly be used by any golfer and is something that will be attached to and stay on their bag for the long haul.

You can get your own Tidy Golfer iron and ball cleaner on Amazon:

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