RypStick & RypRadar: Accelerate Your Swing Speed for More Yardage

Your holiday dreams have come true and there is a shiny new driver sitting patiently in your bag waiting for the snow to melt. Your hopes that a new driver will make you hit it twenty yards further are still sitting pristine in your mind, but it’s time to be realistic.

If you want the yards, you’ll have to put in the work. Training yourself to swing harder and faster is something that is hard to do with your existing clubs. Just like weight training in the gym you need a tool to help build that speed which is why Rypstick was created. Rypstick golf is here to make sure that new driver really smashes the ball for you just like the salesman promised. 


The Rypstick is advertised as an All-In-One training system and I couldn’t agree more. First off the device itself is set up to be flexible with removable and adjustable weights. For anyone that has used a weighted training aid you know this is the number one problem. You are stuck with the single configuration that you purchase. The Rypstick has 3 removable weights in the head and a counter weight on the end of the shaft. This creates 8 unique combinations for practice. The training program offered by Rypstick will walk you through how to use these effectively.

Now that you have a training aid, the biggest issue most people face is obvious: What do you do next? Rypstick has put together an entire training program that is accessible on their website to help develop the speed you want. This to me is the differentiator and why I think this training tool is worth every penny.

There are 4 levels of training you can work through, and as you progress you will certainly see your speed increase. Lessons are set up in easy-to-follow video tutorials that I was able to pull up on my phone during practice. I have been using the training program for about 30 minutes a week and have seen an increase of about 7mph in my swing speed already. 

Take a look at some of these training videos on the Rypstick site to get a sense of what drills and practice you can expect.


I would highly recommend pairing your Rypstick with the Rypradar. This is a small unit that sits about 5 feet in front of you and provides real-time feedback on your swing speed. After taking about 60 seconds to install the batteries and read the one-page instructions, I was off and going with the unit.

I found it to register about 95% of my swings and found the speed displayed to be consistent with my expectations. This is the best way to track your progress and see the results from your work. There are nice combination packages available to purchase the Rypstick and Rypradar together.

Indoor Training 

The Rypstick comes in a variety of lengths, including mens, womens, and juniors. There is also a shorter indoor option if you live in the frozen midwest like me and want to get your reps in during the winter. I opted to test their indoor model with the shaft length being about 7 inches shorter than a standard driver. While this is a great option to allow you to swing indoors you will have to calibrate your expectations when it comes to swing speed and make sure you set a baseline for yourself with the shorter club as you look for improvements in speed. 

After speaking with a Rypstick rep I learned that I should expect my swing speed to be about 10mph slower with the shorter shaft. That is ok as I am focused on what my increase is as I progress through my training. This will translate to a longer shaft club come spring.  

Indoor training length is about the same as a standard wedge.

Out on the Course

The Rypstick is nice and compact so much so that you could easily keep it in your golf bag. When I don’t have time to hit the range and need to get in some warm-up swings, the Rypstick is the perfect way to get my body loose. Having the shorter length shaft allowed me to keep it nice and low down in my bag. I will be leaving it in for warmup and practice all season long.

Do I need this?

Yes, you need this. All the shiny new clubs, salesman promises and latest technology are not going to improve your distance as much as a good old-fashioned workout. And, believe me, this is a workout. I think this is such an easy tool to pick up and keep your swing going in the off-season that it should be a purchase for anyone serious about improving their game this next season.

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