Cart Tek Yellowstone: An Affordable Electric Cart/Caddy with Great Functionality

It’s almost time to replace the crunch of snow beneath your feet with the soft feel of the fairway, and if you’re like me you’re already starting to plan your new Spring golf equipment.

The season cannot come soon enough for those of us in the Midwest, and if you made a New Year’s resolution to get healthy and exercise more, you should be able to convince yourself that walking the course is a great substitute for riding.

So, save yourself some money on that wasted gym membership and invest in an electric cart. The Cart Tek Yellowstone is just what you need to tackle the course and truly enjoy walking more rounds this season.

First Impressions

The cart arrives in a reasonably sized box and does require some assembly. All the tools you need are included, and after laying out the parts I was able to fully assemble the cart in about 15 minutes. All the components of the cart feel well made and I had no issues with any of the parts fitting. The instructions were easy to follow and after charging the battery I was able to use it right away. 

Weight and Size 

Weighing in at 33 pounds assembled, the Yellowstone is reasonable to load and unload from a car trunk, and the overall space it takes up is similar to other 3-wheeled carts when folded. That being said, make sure you have space as it is not ultra-compact (28 inches long and 25 inches wide).

The battery is surprisingly light and smaller than I expected but should still get you through about 27 holes of golf (I would recommend charging after an 18-hole round just to be safe). 

Will My Bag Fit? 

The Yellowstone was able to fit all sizes of bags I tested from a small carry bag to a full staff bag. The bungee straps are very tight so you might have to use some force to get it around a staff bag, but it is doable. Every bag rode nicely out on the course and there was never a concern about them falling off or the cart tipping over.

If you are looking for a new bag setup, make sure to read the bottom section on the Cart Tek bag I tested as I would highly recommend it. 

Out on the Course

After testing the Yellowstone on the course, there are a couple of points I’d like to highlight:

  1. Noise – The cart was quiet. I would have no problem using this at the local country club. No one will hear it. 
  2. Stability – The wide wheelbase of the Yellowstone and the large anti-tip wheel made this cart feel extra stable. I never once felt worried about it tipping and it handled uneven terrain perfectly.  
  3. Hills – The Yellowstone handles hills the best out of any electric cart I’ve tested. It didn’t need any help getting up even the steepest of inclines and the traction on the wheels is phenomenal. I was very impressed with how well it did and think this is a major selling point for the unit. 
  4. Manual movement – One thing I love about the Yellowstone is the ability to manually move the unit around even when you have the wheels connected for electric functionality. There are times when you just want to push the cart yourself to adjust location or go over a bridge, for example. Some electric carts are not easily maneuvered, but the Yellowstone was great. This will be a huge factor as far as usability on the course.
  5. Remote – There is a wireless remote included. It is nicely weatherproofed but is a bit bulky. Because there is no way to lock the buttons quickly, I wouldn’t recommend leaving it in your pocket while hitting shots (in case a button accidentally presses and it takes off on you). The Yellowstone does include a belt clip that would make wearing it easier, though, and there’s a holder built into the cart handle that the remote can be clipped to once stopped. The remote has speed and stopping controls as well as 4 preset settings that can be custom configured. This remote has the most options and customization ability of any cart I’ve tested.  
  6. Speed – There are a number of ways to control the speed. There is a dial on the cart, buttons on the remote and the ability to program some preset configurations. I found there to be plenty of power in the cart and it should be able to keep up comfortably with any pace of walker. The built-in dial is a great feature and very smooth when it comes to determining speed.  
  7. Setup – I was able to setup and take down the cart in under 40 seconds. There is only one knob to tighten, and the main column is held firmly in place by the golf bag you attach. Take a look at the video below to see the setup and tear down of the cart. 
  8. Maneuverability – For utilizing a straight-line steering system, the Yellowstone has a surprisingly minimal turning radius. Some electric carts make slow, lazy turns when you need to pivot directions, but the Yellowstone even turns nicely in place. For a non-gyroscopic unit, its steering system is very smooth and intuitive.

How Long does it Last?

The 29-volt battery is reported to last about 27 holes, and I think that is fair based on my testing of the unit. I would again recommend charging it after each 18-hole round just to be sure. As with many electric carts, you do have the ability to put the wheels in free-spinning mode to allow you to push it in the event the battery dies. One thing I love about this cart is that even if you choose not to attach the battery it would be a great push cart for any round. I could see myself using it all the time even unpowered. 

Stand-Out Features

Here are the features that I think differentiate the Yellowstone from other carts:

  1. Hill Climbing – This is by far the best hill-climbing cart I’ve tested. Its ability to tackle hills without manual intervention really impressed me. 
  2. Setup – With only one knob to tighten on the cart and simply plugging in the battery, you can set this unit up faster than any other model I’ve tested. 
  3. Accessories – The Yellowstone comes with a ton of free accessories, including:
    1. Water Bottle Holder 
    2. Belt Clip 
    3. Umbrella Holder 
    4. Scorecard / Ball Holder 
    5. Remote
  4. Manual Control – The ability to quickly adjust the position of the cart is so nice out on the course. For some of the short pushes or tricky traverses, not having to use the motor is perfect. 
  5. Dual Motors- The Yellowstone has dual motors in its base that give the wheels plenty of power. They also allow it to pivot in place by delivering forward and reverse direction to the wheels.
Included Accessories

Cert Tek Bag 

Along with the Yellowstone I tested one of Cart Tek’s GB28 bags. This is a weatherproof bag that’s suitable for use with push carts/electric caddies or driving/golf carts.

I found the GB28 to be well-made and with plenty of storage compartments for anything you might want along on the course, and especially liked the oversized insulated pocket for holding ice and any of your favorite beverages.

One feature I really want to highlight is the magnetic outside pocket. I find myself frequently using that during rounds to store my rangefinder, extra balls and my phone. I am so glad this bag has one as it’s easy to access and silent. At the current price point, if you are in the market for a bag, I would absolutely recommend checking this one out. It will pair nicely with a Cart Tek electric cart!

Final Thoughts 

For a first-time electric cart buyer, the Yellowstone is a perfect choice as it’s easy to set up, control and maneuver throughout your round, and can also double as a great manual cart if playing a quick 9.

Its standard accessories ensure you’ll have everything you need without shelling out more money upfront, and its power and hill-climbing prowess are features you’ll be grateful to have. Especially at its current price point just over $1,000, I think this is a perfect fit for most golfers. 

For more, or to purchase the Yellowstone, check it out here on Cart Tek’s website.

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