One Under Golf BR 650 Rangefinder

At WiscoGolfAddict, we are always on the lookout for new golf companies who share our passion for the game. When I came across One Under Golf, I knew we had to connect.

After speaking with one of their co-founders, Matt, I learned their mantra to be: “Helping make the game more affordable, more accessible, and MORE FUN for all who want to play.” As they work to build their brand and line of golf accessories we wanted to complete a review on their BR 650 rangefinder, and it did not disappoint.  

First Impressions

I opted for the white and black color scheme – it just looks sleek. Everything was packaged nicely and came with all the needed accessories (case, battery, instructions).

The unit is made of plastic and rubber and seems of similar build quality to many of the rangefinders out on the market. I mostly noticed the size and weight. It weighs significantly less than other rangefinders I’ve tested, and I’d consider the overall size to be medium to small as it fits nicely in your hand.

This may not be the right unit for players with overly shaky hands, but for most golfers I think the size and weight is great especially if you are walking the course.

Putting it to the test

Here is what I found when I brought the BR 650 rangefinder out on the course:


The eyepiece is easy to adjust, and the optics are nice and sharp. The internal information is displayed using black font and I had no issue reading the information output. There is a 6x magnification on the unit and I easily scoped objects 400 yards away and beyond. 



There are 3 modes that can be selected on this unit: 

  1. A scan mode for picking up targets 
  2. A pin lock mode without slope measurements 
  3. A pin lock mode with slope measurements

Although there is no physical switch or light alert for it on the BR 650, it is great that you can turn off slope. Slope on rangefinders is currently not allowed when playing in USGA or other governing body sanctioned events, so being able to turn it off can be vital.

Laser Rangefinder - BR 650 White
Sample View Through Rangefinder



I compared measurements from the BR 650 against 3 other rangefinders and found that both slope and non-slope adjusted distances appeared to be within 1-2 yards of all other models.

I find that for most golfers, myself included, that should be enough for us to pretend like we can hit it that exact distance. The unit had no trouble locating pins when I held down the power button and the vibration was nice and subtle. I found that it locked on to pins in about 1-3 seconds, which is not the fastest but not noticably delayed compared to other units I’ve tested.

Magnetic Mount

I don’t know that I will ever buy a rangefinder again without some sort of magnetic mount. The convenience of being able to attach the unit to the windshield bar or some other piece of metal is really nice.

The magnet on this unit is the strongest I have ever tested, and you should have no worries about it falling off even over rough terrain. I still found it to be easy to grab, though, when needed. 

Strong built-in magnet on the One Under Golf BR 650



The slope feature calculates true distance to the pin based on elevation change. Think about the last time you played an uphill par 3. You probably pulled a club based on the yardage listed on the tee box sign. That is not the true distance to the flag, though. This example image shows the basics behind slope calculation: 


As you can imagine, the ability to utilize a rangefinder’s slope functionality can make a big difference in club selection, and ultimately in scoring.


The BR 650 is currently on sale for $180, putting it right in the middle cost-wise of most rangefinders. I think for the money this is a good first rangefinder, and a solid upgrade for players looking for slope functionality.

I love what the One Under Golf company is all about, and especially their commitment to keeping the game affordable for families:

“Our commitment for youth is an extension of our commitment as a whole for golfers. Having young children who love golf themselves we want to see more juniors involved. Our commitment is to continue providing high quality products at an affordable price allowing more families to enjoy the game.  We have goals to continue growth allowing the opportunity to hold camps, sponsor youth in tournaments, provide access, etc.  As a brand, we want to make sure that ALL know golf is a good time!!”

I would highly recommend the BR 650 rangefinder and brand. Definitely keep an eye out for what they’ll be doing next! 

You can purchase your own BR 650 on the One Under Site

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