Gogogo GS34 Rangefinder 1200Y

If you have ever searched amazon for golf rangefinders you have probably come across the Gogogo brand. They frequently have discounts on Amazon and position themselves as a low cost option.

I have used an old Gogogo brand rangefinder for about 3 years now and while I have found it to work most of the time, sometimes I struggle on the course to get accurate readings. Their newest product offering is the GS34 1200Y rangefinder with slope, and it features quite an upgrade in performance!

First Impressions

Out of the box, the GS34 is a medium-sized rangefinder with a good overall profile. It is one of the lightest models I have tested but still felt sturdy enough to hold up in action.

The rubber grips around the outside are oversized, which I like for the fit in my hand. I noticed the two external switches, one for slope and one to change the color of the optics. It comes with a nice padded case to hang on a golf bag and can be secured with just a top strap for easy access during a round.


Putting it to the test

Here are my findings from bringing the Gogogo GS34 1200Y rangefinder with slope out on the course:


The eyepiece knob adjustment ring is stiff and made of a little bit harder plastic. I didn’t find this annoying, though, because I don’t hold rangefinders tight to my eye. The internal information can be toggled via a button on the side to display in red or black. I prefer the red font when playing with less sunlight. 


There are 4 modes that can be selected on this unit: 

  1. A scan mode for picking up targets 
  2. A pin lock mode without slope measurements 
  3. A pin lock mode with slope measurements
  4. A scan mode with pin lock

A unique mode on the GS34 allows you to scan for targets while in pin lock mode. This was very useful when distancing carry over bunkers around the green and then snapping right to the pin for a distance. I found myself using this feature a lot during my round.

There is a convenient slope switch on the outside of the rangefinder that glows red when slope is on. I really like rangefinders that have a physical switch so there can be no questioning of you when playing in a tournament. Remember, slope on rangefinders is currently not allowed when playing in USGA or other governing body sanctioned events. 

Slope Switch
Toggle for red and black text


I compared the measurements for this unit against 2 other rangefinders on the course and found that the distance both slope or non-slope adjusted appeared to be within 2-3 yards of all other models.

The speed of this unit is vastly improved over the earlier Gogogo model I have and the pin lock typically works within 1-2 seconds. The scan mode is fast and accurate when compared against other models, and I was happy with the vibrating feedback.

The GS34 didn’t work as well when I was shaky. It often had trouble picking up targets if I was moving too much. If you are pretty steady-handed, though, I don’t think you’ll have an issue with that. 

Magnetic Mount

The GS34 does not have a built-in magnet. There is enough space, though, to use a velcro strap or to glue a magnet on the side if you need one. 


The slope feature calculates true distance to the pin based on elevation change. As I always say, remember back to the last time you played an uphill par 3. You probably pulled a club based on the yardage listed on the tee box sign, which while it is that many yards away is not a good representation of the true distance you’ll want to hit.

Consider this sample image:   

It should be pretty easy to see how big a difference having slope available during a round of golf can make!


The GS34 1200Y with Slope is currently priced at $129! For all the features including slope, color-changing optics and pin lock this is a great value and I think for a golfer who is looking for their first rangefinder, or for someone who’s averse to making a large investment, this is a great option. I am certainly impressed with the GS34’s performance, especially at such a low price point! 

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