Alphard Club Booster V2

Have you been wanting to jump on the electric caddie revolution but aren’t sure you want to invest in another cart? If that’s you, Alphard’s Club Booster V2 will allow you to transform your current push cart into a fully electric, remote-controlled unit.


rear wheels removed and brackets installed

To transform your cart to accommodate the Club Booster V2, you’ll need to remove the back wheels and attach a set of adapter brackets, which I was able to do with my cart in about 10 minutes. You will only need a Phillips head screwdriver and small adjustable socket wrench to hold the bolts.

Below is a list of currently compatible carts, each of which can be clicked on for bracket installation instructions:


One of the biggest advantages of the Club Booster is the fact that it’s portable. Many people shy away from electric caddies as they are heavy and awkward to load and unload in a car trunk.

The Club Booster weighs only 23 pounds and has a convenient handle to help with lifting. The wheel base also extends and collapses, giving its overall footprint a total length of about 2 feet.

Out on the Course

Setting up the Club Booster V2 and attaching it to your cart can be a little awkward at first, but once you’ve done it a few times it’s a simple process.

Extending the wheel base and snapping the clips is not difficult if you’re worried about the effort required, the one-touch power button is simple to activate and the remote connects automatically.

Here’s what else I discovered while using it on the course:

  • Power – The Club Booster V2 has plenty of power to navigate my bag around the course and up the hills.
  • Stability – Anti-tip wheels are included with the V2. I tried navigating the course with and without them and they worked well attached. I would definitely recommend keeping a hand on the cart when going up the steepest of hills, though (which is the case with all electric caddies).
Anti-Tip Wheels

  • Turning– Dual motors spin the cart with ease and will allow you to navigate all obstacles. Some of its turning radius will be based on the cart you’re using it with and its front wheel configuration, but best turning results are achieved with a front wheel that spins.
  • Brake – There is a built-in automatic hill brake feature that prevents the wheels from moving too easily. The brake automatically sets when you hit any button, and to disengage it and allow for easy pushing you just need to hold the STOP button for 5 seconds. This is a nice feature for when you want to manually push the cart around a water feature or over a narrow bridge. Hitting a button again will re-engage the hill brake.
  • Remote – I never had any connection issues with the remote. I liked the pre-programmed ability to send the cart 15 or 30 yards to the next tee or away from the green, but it’s not recommended using that feature when navigating down the fairway.  Each unit comes with a remote mount that attaches to the handle of the cart for easy storage between shots, and there is a tether option available for purchase that clips to your belt to allow you to walk the fairway with ease while the cart follows in tow.
Closeup of remote


  • Cost – Currently priced at $799, the Club Booster V2 is less expensive than most dedicated electric caddies. The price includes the needed brackets for your model of cart.
  • Cart – That you can use your own cart may be advantageous for people who love their current setup.
  • Weight – The separation of the unit allows for easy loading and unloading.
  • Battery Life – Depending on the terrain, you should get 18-27 holes out of the battery. Additional batteries can also be purchased and are easily swappable if you’d like to keep a spare in the trunk.
  • Portability – The handle and collapsible wheels make this the ultimate choice for easy portability.
Legs extend and collapse for easy transport


  • Stability – I did not feel that it was as stable as some dedicated units I’ve tested, but that could be due to the lighter weight of the overall product and that I was using it with one of the lighter push carts on the market (the Sun Mountain Micro Cart). Your experience may differ depending on the cart you set it up with.
  • Traction – The wheels were a little slick on wet ground, but they got the job done most of the time.

Take a look at the video below to see the cart in action on the course.

Final Thoughts

The Club Booster V2 is a great way to enter the electric caddy market at a slightly lower price point while utilizing equipment you already own. The remote functionality gives you the freedom to walk the course while maintaining control of the unit.

The motors have plenty of power and I’d expect no issues using it for an entire round on any style course. I think the Club Booster V2 offers the great aspect of portability, too, especially for those worried about lifting the 30+ pounds many dedicated caddies weigh.

The Club Booster V2 can be purchased here

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