ThermoThink Portable Heated Seats

Midwest golfers know the struggles of early Spring or late Fall rounds when you’re happy if the temperatures hit the mid-40s. You’ve layered as much clothing as you can while still being able to swing, but then are still forced to sit on cold leather golf cart seats.

The chill from these seats cuts right through your clothing and leaves you dreading the trip between shots.

Don’t be afraid of cold seats ever again! ThermoThink portable heated seats are available to keep you warm between your swings.

How does it work?

ThermoThink has two heated portions of the pad. The seat and back each have heating coils that feel very similar to those in a heated vest or jacket. You then control the heat using the ThermoThink app, which offers the ability to control the temperature and create pre-configured options for heating.

ThermoThink App
Bluetooth Module


Out of the box, the ThermoThink is really straightforward to set up. If you decided to purchase the battery, charge that first. There is an easy display showing the charge percentage so you will know exactly when you’re ready to go.

I recommend getting the battery. It has one of the best capacities I’ve seen for the money and works perfectly with the seat. There is also enough power to charge your phone during a round.

Connecting the battery and ThermoThink involves ensuring you connect the bluetooth adapter and then the USB C output port. Make sure you use the USBC to the USB C input on the bluetooth module (this is very important).

Make sure to use the included cable that looks like this to connect the battery and the module.

Out on the course

Taking the ThermoThink out on the course there were a number of items to comment on:

  1. Getting the battery set and the ThermoThink app connected was fast and not distracting at the start of the round (set it and forget it)
  2. I kept heat around 85-90 percent and the battery lasted for about 4 hours.
  3. Find a good spot to tuck the battery so it doesn’t fall out. The bumps out on the course could make the battery fall out of the pouch if you decide not to zip it into the seat.
  4. I set up the seat as a bench configuration so my cart partner was not left out. Your cart partner is not going to be happy if you only have this seat for you.
  5. The pad will slide a bit, so be sure to use the included buckles to secure it to the cart.
Bench seat configuration so you and your partner can enjoy

Things to consider

  1. I would bring a longer USB-C cord if you have one. That way the battery could be stored in the gear basket behind you.
  2. The seat must be controlled with your phone. Be prepared to connect to the app. If your phone battery drains fast you can connect to the battery pack to charge.
  3. You will never want to play a cold round without this again, so make sure you keep the battery charged and the ThermoThink in your trunk at all times.

Both my playing partner and I were very happy with the heat the pad provided throughout the round. We kept thinking “How did we ever golf before this?”

I love the convenience of the app to adjust the heat, although we didn’t need to change it much. The heating coils were not noticeable when we sat on the pad and we were both perfectly comfortable.

Do I need this?

If you’re like me, your golf cart has turned into an overflowing mobile technology center when playing a round of golf. Between the speaker, rangefinder, cart heater, GPS and all other manner of equipment I feel like a rolling Inspector Gadget.

While all these things can be distracting, I firmly believe that many rounds suffer from just battling the elements. The ThermoThink is a new secret weapon for you to stay warm between shots, and it couldn’t be easier to set up and use.

I would highly recommend picking one of these up for Spring and Fall golf. Currently priced at $150 with the battery pack, this is less than the cost of one round at many good golf courses and will help you enjoy the cold-weather playing experience so much more.

Pick up your own ThermoThink heated seats on Amazon

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    1. Great to hear. It is an awesome product. Used it on Sunday again out on the course and my partner was very happy I had one!

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