Transrover All in One Golf Cart

The motto for Transrover is “Think Outside the Bag,” and it shows!

I came across this ingenious product while researching unique push carts to feature for the golf season ahead.

I had never seen a golf bag you can literally transform into a push cart before and was intrigued. After spending time testing it, there’s more to it than just a smart concept – the functionality is great.

The idea of an all-in-one golf bag/cart is the brain child of Thinh Tran, who created this product to give players the best of both worlds in allowing them to avoid the choice of walking or riding prior to teeing off.

There are times I just want to walk the front or back nine, for example, or when I’m heading out for a casual 9 holes with friends. The Transrover bag allows me the freedom to do it on the fly without having to purchase, carry or store a separate push cart.

comparison to mid-size carry bag

Getting Started

The Transrover comes with some of the best user instructions I have ever seen. There are 5 steps to follow to convert your bag to a cart and I had no issues succeeding the first time I tried.

This bag is the Swiss Army knife of the golf world. It comes with pockets, straps and coolers everywhere. You read that right – coolers! Take a look at my short video of the cart in action, here:

As mentioned, the Transrover features two coolers to keep drinks or snacks cold. There is a center-mounted bag that will hold six cans and an additional cooler pocket in the middle of the bag to store more goodies.

While there are no oversized pockets for clothing, you can easily attach any items you may need with the bungee straps on the side.

Out on the Course

After loading up the bag with all my gear, and naturally a couple of beers in the cooler bag, I headed to the course. Fully loaded, the bag is heavy but not unmanageable. Considering you’ll probably never be carrying this bag, that shouldn’t be an issue.

Included cooler bag that fits 6 cans and slides between your clubs

I first tried loading the bag on a cart just to see how it would fit. There were no issues with sizing and there is even a cart strap slot to secure the bag. All the pockets were easily accessible and the clubs rode with no problems.

After 2 holes in the cart I decided to try my hand at walking. Unstrapping the bag, I pulled the levers and released the telescoping rods and had a fully functional push cart in under 30 seconds. My playing partners could not believe how fast the setup was and how sturdy the cart seemed.

The wheels on the Transrover were so smooth and handled any terrain with ease. I was nervous about how sturdy the telescoping support rods would be, but they performed perfectly.

There are brakes on each wheel that are easy to engage with a simple tap and hold the cart in place nicely. It is recommended that you don’t park the cart on a hill and I would agree.

Club Storage

The Transrover has 14 dedicated club slots that securely store your clubs and eliminate head chatter with a tight grip inside the bag. The oversized putter well accommodated my Super Stroke grip with no issues.

secure storage for 14 clubs
extra large hole for oversized grip

Color Options

The Transrover is currently offered in 5 unique colors. A really neat feature is the fact that you can swap the outside covering with a new color scheme if you decide you want something different in the future.

Is this for me?

So, who exactly is this product targeted at? If you are a frequent rider but want the option to walk anywhere from a couple holes to a full 18, then this is for you. Having that flexibility to walk at any point in your round, while not needing to purchase a separate cart to push your clubs is amazing.

Currently priced at $445, the Transrover is more cost-effective than buying a new bag and separate cart.

I love the ingenuity of this item and will be using it out on the course, for sure!

You can purchase your very own Transrover here

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