SOL Belts: “Keep Ya Pants Up”

With the slogan “Keep Ya Pants Up,” SOL delivers on just that promise. Focusing on high-quality, unique belts, SOL offers a good variety of options that ensure you stand out on the course.

I’ve tried out three of their belts now and have been very impressed with the colors, fit and quality.

Stretch Revolution

If you’ve yet to jump on the stretch belt bandwagon, do it now before the season starts. I cannot stress enough how much more comfortable I feel playing golf wearing a belt that has some give to it.

We all know that golf requires a lot of bending, flexing and stretching to get that little white ball in the cup, and having a belt that moves with you can only help you get the job done better… Not to mention creates some extra space for that hot dog at the turn.


The sizing for SOL belts are not your traditional inch measurements like you see in stores. Their sizes range from Small to XX-Large with corresponding waist size called out in their sizing chart.

Being a 34 inch waist I went with large and they fit great. They don’t leave a lot of extra belt, but certainly enough to tuck into the next loop comfortably.

Unique Colors

While the folks at SOL hooked me up with some very Wisconsin-appropriate colors, there are over 58 combinations currently available. Below are just a few of the options they feature – there’s sure to be one you’ll like.


The quality of these belts is fantastic. The stitching, buckle and weave are all spot on and I feel like they’re built to last.

I love rocking a little flair on the course without having to wear a loud shirt or pair of pants, and I think these are the perfect addition to any player’s wardrobe and are sure to get plenty of use for years to come.

You can pickup your own SOL Belt on their website by clicking here

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