Sun Mountain Speed Cart V1R: Golf’s Best Push Cart

Sun Mountain has long been synonymous with push carts. Known for their sturdy frames, rugged tires and a smooth glide across the fairway, I’d be surprised if you don’t see at least 5 or 6 out on the course the next time you play. The V1R is their latest offering in a series of carts dating back to 1999, and it certainly lives up to the brand’s established legacy.

First Impressions

The Sun Mountain V1R cart comes fully assembled and ready to go out of the box. The metal frame gives an immediate impression of sturdiness, and the plastic parts are well-made with no visual issues. Setup of the cart is intuitive with only two levers to unfold before use. One lever secures the main section of the cart, while a second secures its front wheel. The cart has plenty of room to hold any size bag with bungie straps.

Size and Weight

The V1R is a great option for someone looking for a rugged cart that’s still transportable. Weighing in at 18 pounds, it is not the lightest on the market, but physically moving it is still easy. The exact specifications are 37”W x 16”H x 13”D. I had no trouble fitting it in my trunk, but if your car is tight on space then be aware that it is a little on the larger size when compared to others.


The wheels on the V1R are a molded plastic, doing away with the traditional air-filled rubber tires you see on older models. When I compared the feel of the V1R’s molded wheels to the rubber tires on my old Sun Mountain model, I really didn’t notice a difference, and never having to worry about filling them should be a huge plus.


The V1R is available in 10 color schemes to help you match your cart with your style. Having colored frames along with matching wheels makes the V1R one of the most unique carts I’ve seen. You can see the entire color selection on the Sun Mountain website.

Storage and Accessories

There are two main storage areas on the V1R cart. An oversized mesh pocket is meant to be a catch-all for items like clothes, balls, and head covers that you access and put away during your round. There is also a top storage area that can hold your rangefinder, extra balls and maybe a scorecard. One feature I really liked is the small, dedicated area for my cellphone. Simply secure it with a small strap and let it ride comfortably throughout the round.

The cart comes with two accessories that are worth noting: First is the umbrella holder. The umbrella holder attaches with a threaded screw to the handle and fits most umbrella handles. I found myself using this for both sun and rain protection on the course and it kept both the top of my bag and me dry. Second is the drink holder. This attaches on the side of the cart and swings freely to ensure you wont lose any beverage while navigating the course.

Out On The Course

The V1R is going to make your walking round a breeze. The smooth ride of the unit makes it so easy to maneuver over any terrain, and I loved the oversized mesh pocket to hold head covers, a jacket and miscellaneous balls I found while playing. I felt confident “sending” the unit down the fairway before me without worry of it tipping over.

The integrated brake on the right side of the handle holds the wheels securely even on the steepest of hills. I think this is one of the best performing brakes I’ve seen on a cart and is definitely an important feature. The setup and takedown in the parking lot is quick and I’ve had no issues at all during rounds.

Final Thoughts

Backed by a proven brand name and the history of this cart, the V1R is a great choice for someone who wants a quality product that will last for years. I have been happy with all the Sun Mountain carts I’ve owned, and the V1R is no exception.

Although it is not the smallest or lightest cart for portability, the confidence that comes with its stability and ruggedness more than make up for it.

Currently priced at $270, this is a mid-range price for a cart that, in my opinion, is justified well by its quality.

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