Volt Heat Golf Apparel: Stay Hot Even in the Cold

Cold is no longer an excuse to not get a round in as Volt Heat is here to ensure you’ll stay warm on the course with a variety of apparel and accessory offerings that range from jackets to gloves.

Two unique offerings of theirs I’ve had the opportunity to check out recently are the heated half-zip and base layer. These items caught my attention with their uniqueness – they are far from the typical heated vest or jacket already offered by other brands.


The half-zip pullover was the first item I tested from Volt. I liked the styling and the ability to wear it with any of my existing golf clothes. Having a heated pullover provides the flexibility to get some heat on days when you don’t need a full jacket but just want something to take the edge off the cold.

Opting for a size large, it fit well and left room to swing without constriction. The material is a blend of polyester, fleece and spandex. I’ve found it to be really comfortable, though I’ve yet to wear it without a shirt underneath.

Size Large – Model is 6′ 190 lbs

The jacket is heated with a large panel between the shoulders and another heat coil on the neck. The heated neck will change your life. I have tried several heated items with neck warmers and will never go back to anything that doesn’t have them.

I found that, even though there are only the two heated panels, there’s a great amount of heat generated. I would have liked coils on the chest, too, for example, but after about 10 minutes of wearing the jacket felt nothing but warm.

Base Layer

The base layer is a versatile piece that can be kept in your Spring and Fall bag. The ability to wear it under any shirt and reap the benefits of its heating panels is phenomenal. The shirt is made of a spandex material with an internal fleece lining that helps keep it nice and snug on your frame while feeling super soft and comfortable.

Heat is generated from 4 back heating panels and dispersed nicely across the shirt by the fleece. Although the heating panels are only in the back of the shirt, I found it to work perfectly fine for raising my overall body temperature. Be aware of your heat setting when sitting versus standing – having the panels pressed against your back can lead to quite the heat increase.

General Thoughts

Fit and Feel

The cut on both items is a little bit wider, so if you are worried about having a trim look then go down a size. With that in mind, however, the bit of spandex in the material helps create some stretchiness to ensure they will fit any sort of frame.


The two pieces I tried came with compact 5v 6500mah batteries to power the clothing through a USB A connection. This is noteworthy as it provides the flexibility to use other battery packs that you may already own to provide power, as well. I liked the small size of the batteries as they did not disrupt my swing and were light to carry.

While the battery wont power the clothing on high for a full round I was surprised with how much life I got out of it. I would recommend picking up a second to keep in your bag to swap out or use as a charger for your phone or other electronics.


The USB connections in the clothing can be sealed for washing and drying. I had no issues throwing them in with my regular laundry as they came out clean and working properly.

Heat Settings

Heat is controlled via a button located along the waist seam of both items. This is not a location I’ve seen used in other heated items. but I really liked having it there for the half-zip.

For the base layer, the button location is somewhat inconvenient as I found myself tucking both the shirt and battery into my pants. But, once I set the heat I left it for the round and was fine.

The high, medium and low settings provide a good variation in heat, but be aware that the high setting only got me about 2.5 hours of actual run time with the shirt. If you need the battery to last for an entire round, choose the medium or low setting.

Staying Warm

Volt Heat fills the need to stay warm for the Midwest golfer, and their unique offerings provide flexibility to heated clothing outside traditional vests or jackets.

The compact batteries and powerful heat coils are perfect to keep you warm without carrying too much bulk, the ability to easily clean the clothes is a major benefit and I personally love the feel of the spandex fleece material.

The pricing on Volt apparel is competitive with others in the market, too, with the half-zip priced at $149 and the base layer currently on sale for $80. You can also save 20% by using the code “WiscoGolfAddict” on their site.

Use code “WiscoGolfAddict” for 20% off your order of Volt Heat apparel!

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