Noonan Golf: Retro Style for Your Modern Golf Game

Every golfer can use a little extra flair on the course.

Whether in the form of a perfect club twirl, that sexy tour sauce you get from a purely struck wedge or by flashing some amazing accessories, we can all use more swagger. Noonan Golf Company has that last part covered for you with great golf towels, club headcovers and hats.


Noonan’s general style is probably best described as an 80’s South Beach Miami Vice kind of feel. They have seven prints to choose from, and what I love most is the ability to match colors and patterns across their product lines.

Product Offerings

Continually expanding their product offering, Noonan currently offers driver, fairway wood, mallet and blade headcovers (the mallet covers fit a half-mallet nicely, by the way), towels and hats – all with an electric style that highlights good times and dynamic vibes.

Schweet Shapes Pattern

Noonan also recently added a nod to Wisconsinites with their “Cheezy fo Sheezy” hats. I love this print with the green and gold logo and cheese print beneath the brim.

The “Cheezy fo Sheezy” hat print


These headcovers fit all the clubs I tried them on perfectly. I tested the driver cover on a Callaway Epic, Rogue, TaylorMade M-series and Ping G-series drivers and had no issues with any for space, and the mallets – a fairly boxy-style square shape (Paul is rocking the red/black checkered “Big Paul Energy” style this season, named for Paul Bunyan as Noonan is a Minnesota-based company) – worked nicely on each of the mallet putters I tried.

All their putter covers have strong magnets that snap into place to ensure they won’t fall off while riding in your cart.

Noonan’s towels are an excellent microfiber blend, and I love the waffle weave texture. They clean clubs well and I’ve been able to easily throw them in the wash after each round.

One unique feature I like about this product is that the bag attachment grommet is located in the center of the towel. This allows the towel to hang nicely off the bag while displaying not only the top pattern print but also the accent color on its back side.

Can I pull it off?

I understand that not everyone’s comfortable with expressive patterns and unique, vibrant colors on the golf course. I used to be one of those people, too, but have recently come to embrace that my bag doesn’t need to look like an advertisement for major golf brands. Personally, I’d rather have some “fun” with my golf accessories.

Not only does Noonan provide a cool way to break the mold of OEM headcovers, but their products can also be a great icebreaker on the first tee.

If you’re looking to add a little extra swagger to your golf bag setup this season, Noonan has really cool options. Plus, you can grab 10% off your order by using the discount code WISCO10.

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