Pins and Aces: Golf Accessories With an Edge

From ball marks to polo shirts, beer sleeves and everything else in between, the Pins and Aces product line is sure to keep you looking fun and fresh this golf season.

Pins and Aces is one of my new favorite brands. I came across their booth at the PGA Show and could immediately tell this was a brand with a ton of character. While their wall of brightly colored headcovers immediately caught my eye, I found the brand to be so much more. Affordable and unique would be the two adjectives that float first in my mind for this brand, and I think you will be impressed with their products’ quality, as well.

Check out this quote from the “About Us” section of the Pines and Aces website:

Golf accessories today are stale, boring and expensive. As avid golfers ourselves, we grew tired of bad designs and poor quality and figured there had to be a better way. With over 10 years of garment manufacturing, and owning our complete supply chain in other industries, we figured we’d set out to make the highest quality golf products and accessories ourselves. The result for our products has been amazing, garnishing respect and use from Tour players and amateurs alike all across the world. 

– Pins and Aces website


The Pins and Aces polos are some of the go-to’s in my closet today. Their spandex polyester blend provides the right amount of stretch for comfort while keeping cool. The cut of their polos is athletic, which I really like for my body shape, and sizing runs true to form. If you normally wear a size large, order a large. There are close to 90 shirt styling options, so I would challenge anyone to not find a polo they like.

White Geometric Pattern, Size Large Model 6′ 190


The top product category in the Pins and Aces lineup has got to be their headcovers. With state, political, patriotic, other sports (check out the Boxing Glove) and plenty in between they’re sure to have something that will appeal to every golf enthusiast.

Beginning with putters, I tested a number of headcover styles and found them all to fit my different putter types. The mallet covers fit my Scotty X7, though it was a little tight (if you have a really oversized mallet then these may not be the right option for you). The blade covers were nice and snug, so don’t plan on using them for a mid-size mallet but they’re perfect for blades. The magnetic closures on Pins and Aces covers are great and I’ve had no issues with them falling off mid-round.

The driver and fairway covers were true to sizing and fit on the multiple brands and styles of clubs I tried. Their PU leather is high-quality and cleans really easily. The Mustache-themed covers I tried were composed of leather and a hand cut Mexican blanket – they look super cool out on the course and I got a lot of comments about them.

Beer Sleeves

We have all done it, loading our bags with beverages for a round of golf, but Pins and Aces has the perfect product to help you stay hydrated on the course. Their 7-beer can sleeve slides nicely into your golf bag for easy access during a round. I tried this on several of my bags, and while I’d recommend verifying your spacers are wide enough I did find it to fit easily.

For those of you opting for the new craze in seltzers, a slim 6-can sleeve is available, as well, along with an optional pairing of a 7-pack of ice pucks. These freezable plastic discs fit between each can to help keep your beverages cold. I used these in combination with the sleeve and found them to keep beers cold from the first tee to the 18th green. Needless to say my playing partners were happy, too!

So Much More

Belts, ball markers, towels, gloves and more fill the pages of the Pins and Aces accessories section on their website. If you are looking for a quick gift or something small to make you smile on the course, look no further. Check out some of my favorites below:


Maybe the best thing about Pins and Aces is its affordability. With headcovers ranging from $40-$60, and polos priced around $60, you don’t have to break the bank to outfit your bag and body with great new swag.

For the price you’d be hard-pressed to find better quality or more unique styling in today’s market. With so many accessories to choose from, take the time to browse the Pins and Aces website and you’ll be sure to find something cool and unique to incorporate into your next round of golf.

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