Sub 70 Golf: A Custom Club Experience You Have to Try for Yourself

Get ready to redefine your expectations of a golf club company as the Sycamore, Illinois based club manufacturer Sub 70 is bringing a true custom experience to every aspect of the game. Started by current owner Jason Hiland, the principles of the company should resonate with all golfers:

Sub 70 Golf is a company founded on a genuine love of golf, and a wish to share that love with others who feel the same. 

Jason Hiland

I had the privilege of visiting Sub 70’s fitting center in downtown Sycamore and had quite a memorable golf experience. If you had to design the perfect golf hangout spot, Sub 70 would be it. From an open bar to oversized leather chairs, and not to mention the two hitting bays, this place is every golfer’s dream.

Take a look at the video detailing my experience with Sub 70:

The Fitting Experience

I have now done two fitting sessions at Sub 70 and I can honestly say it’s amazing. The headquarters is staffed by Head Golf Professional Kevin Healy. With Kevin, a fitting at Sub 70 goes beyond just the numbers. As I sat there for an afternoon I watched Kevin work with players from scratch to low 100’s. Understanding their games and finding clubs that fit each player’s style is what makes this experience unique. I often heard “You are hitting this club fine, don’t change” or “lets focus on swing issues not on new clubs.” This is what separates Sub 70 for me.

The Clubs

Although Sub 70 focused originally on irons they have branched into every aspect of the game. What makes the clubs so great is they have created products that fit every golfer from the pro to weekend warrior. I was able to try some of their most popular products out on the course and they did not disappoint.


Since I am not the most consistent iron striker the Sub 70 forged options fit my game the best. The forgiveness I see from the game improvement irons is great for the high handicappers.

I had some better players I know try the muscle backs and blade style irons and they liked the feel. I watched them hit consistent shots that waved at my balls as they flew by. The weighting, site lines, and look of the clubs is perfect. They feel natural in your hands and look great in your site lines.

The other really neat option that Sub 70 offers is the ability to customize your clubs utilizing different head styles. A “combo” set usually consists of easier to hit 4/5/6 irons and a more workable 7/8/9/P. This allows better players the flexibility to have more forgiving clubs but still some workability in their shot shapes if they are able to.

Example Combo Set
Top View of Irons


The full line of woods, hybrids and drivers offers a tremendous selection if you are looking to update. The head styling, weight and feel of the clubs reminds me of the Callaway Epics that I have been using. There are interchangeable weights on most models allowing you to dial in that perfect fit. On the simulator I found that I had lower spin and higher launch with the pro model heads. The overall matte black and carbon look of the clubs makes a statement.

849D Driver


Offering a fully forged club with a milled face, the Sub 70 wedge selection is quite extensive. I found the feel and response of their wedges to be great around the green. I don’t typically spin wedges very well, but some fresh grooves in the demo clubs I had certainly gave me that little bit of zip. You can choose between 3 face options, as well, including satin, black and raw.

Full Face Grooves

If all the different numbers / bounces / lofts / lies of wedges confuse you, check out this handy wedge selection guide.

The Brand

I had the unique opportunity to interview Sub 70 Founder Jason, and I asked him a few questions about the brand. You can read his responses below:

What in your opinion differentiates Sub 70 from other brands?

There are a couple of major things that we’ve tried to do differently than most of the major golf brands. First and foremost is our customer service. We try to be as responsive as possible whether that is by phone, email, text message, website chat, social media, etc. We want every single customer to have an experience that they wouldn’t get from the billion dollar companies in the industry. Our communication and accessibility are paramount but it also extends to our demo program, our 60 day guarantee and a one year warranty. We truly appreciate each and every customer so try to show them all the same level of service and respect.

Another major difference is our direct to consumer business model which allows us to offer our equipment and apparel at far more affordable prices than other companies. We feel that our equipment can perform with anything else on the market and we invest heavily into the development of those products…we just keep our costs low by limiting marketing/endorsement costs, office building expenses, travel/entertainment costs, huge salaries for dozens of executives and sales reps, and by only releasing new products when we have something that we legitimately think is an improvement over a previous model. Selling direct to the customer also removes the retail markup that every golf shop/reseller pockets when they move product. It’s simply a more efficient and cost effective way to run a golf business and the customer is the one who receives those savings. 

What are you most excited about next in the journey of the company?

Honestly it’s hard to pick one specific thing. We’ve had a tremendous few years but we still think there is a massive amount of untapped growth potential. We’ll continue working on new products and updates to existing ones. Our international distribution network will continue to grow and we will expand our USA fitting cart partner program whenever possible. The Seventy, our state of the art fitting location in Sycamore, IL, just opened this year and has been a huge success so far. While nothing is planned at the moment, it’s certainly possible that additional locations could be established in the future. The number one priority is always the customer and the products/experience that they receive…we’ll focus on that and grow the business as necessary to make sure that part of the business is as good as it was on day one.

What type of golfer is Sub 70 made for?

The golfer that wants to be treated the right way, get more for their money, and doesn’t care to follow the herd. Whether they’re a professional golfer or a 20+ handicap, we make equipment for every skill level and do everything possible to ensure that every customer is 100% satisfied with their equipment. There are dozens of other companies that make great golf clubs and apparel. We’re just going about it a different way…one that we think is better for the golfer. 

Final Thoughts

Between the club fitting experience, personal attention, amazing product and affordable price I feel that Sub 70 has created one of the most exciting golf brands on the market today. You can tell that they are passionate about the game, players and their products.

If you would like to take your game to the next level and have your “Expectations Redefined” check out Sub 70 for yourself.

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  1. Agree with all you said – Sub 70 is the best – started off with the driver, then added a 3 wood, then a set of 639 irons plus a 4 hybrid, and my game has never been better, even now at age 68. Great feel, solid clubs, and the service and assistance is second to none. Will have to add a sand wedge once my current one wears out, which probably won’t be long, with my 110+ rounds per year here in Florida.

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