Category Fore Torrent 14 Hybrid Golf Bag

If you’re a golf enthusiast who will play no matter what the weather, temperature or course conditions, I have found the golf bag for you. The Torrent 14 bag from Category Fore will withstand any conditions out on the course and leave you feeling confident that your precious equipment is well-protected.

First Impressions

Opening up the box I could tell right away that this is a premium golf bag. From the waterproof materials to the heavy-duty zippers and everything in between, it was easy to tell this is a high-quality product.

Weighing in at 6 pounds it is not the lightest carry bag that you can purchase, but it certainly could be used for walking. I would highly recommend this bag for the frequent push carter or rider, though, who may just carry to and from the parking lot. That being said, I did carry the bag for a few 9-hole rounds and found it to be very comfortable both with the back padding and the straps.

Out on the course

Once I got the Torrent I couldn’t wait for a rainy round of golf to really test the waterproofing. Playing golf in Wisconsin in May is always a little dicey and I got my wish the first week of that month. The forecast called for heavy downpour so I know it was time to test the Torrent 14 against the elements. I decided to stuff paper in each of the pockets as a practical way to test if there were any leaks. I am happy to report that everything inside the bag stayed bone dry! I, on the other hand, was not so lucky.

Notable Features

A couple of items that I really like on this bag include:

  • The super high-quality rain hood made from the same waterproof materials. Oftentimes bags come with a flimsy rain hood that doesn’t do much for protecting your clubs from the weather. The rain hood included with the Torrent 14 is really nice and performed perfectly during the rainy round that I used it.
  • The Velcro areas on the bag. Located around the top of the bag are some Velcro areas meant for storing your gloves or towels. As a person often hanging gloves off my bag I really appreciated this detail.
Velcro area for gloves
  • The beverage pocket with drain. There is a nice insulated pocket that you could easily fill with ice and a few beverages. It even has a drain so any excess liquid doesn’t follow you around the course.
  • There are 8 pockets on the bag. So if you are like me squirreling away stuff in your bag for any scenario or situation you will really appreciate this.
  • Removable straps. This is the only bag I have ever used where the straps could be removed really easily via clips. I found this super convenient for rounds where I was riding in a cart or pushing my clubs. I loved having the flexibility to easily ditch the straps.
  • Internal stand mechanism. The stand on the bag is activated by a lever completely contained within the bag. While this is not a new feature on stand bags I call it out because it helps avoid catching on carts when you ride.
  • Carbon fiber legs. The stand legs on the bag are super strong and hold the bag in any position that I leave it. I sometimes worry about leg strength, especially with larger bags, but this is of no concern with the Torrent.

Club Storage

The 14-way divider is laid out in a typical pattern with a large area on top for your putter and then cascading rows. I think there is plenty of separation between the clubs and they ride really nicely. The gutter area is large enough to hold a medium to large oversized grip and I’ve had no issues with my SuperStroke fitting.

Should I Give My Clubs a New Home?

This is a bag for golfers who want something that will hold up to the elements, last for years and be versatile enough for any style of play. I think the Torrent 14 is a great golf bag that you will not be disappointed with. The styling is beautiful and it has more than enough storage for all your gear.

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