New Level Golf 902-PD Forged Irons

I came across New Level Golf when desperately searching for a new set of irons to replace my aging set of Callaway Apex.

I had just a couple of requirements in my new irons: forgiveness, looks and flexibility. I found everything I was looking for In the 902-PD forged irons from New Level – a set of great looking forged blades with ultimate forgiveness and the ability to shape my shots.

Get The Right Fit

Founded by Eric Burch in 2018, New Level is a relatively new company. Eric, however, brings over 27 years of club building experience to the table.

I found myself having a great conversation with Eric about his clubs and finding the right set for me. I’ve found myself drawn lately to companies where the owner puts their name and phone number right on the website. You know exactly the type of person you’re dealing with this way and know you’ll get the help you need. My experience with Eric was no exception and made me feel comfortable with the brand right from the start.

New Level ultimately wants to make sure you find the right clubs for your game. Offering clubs from muscle-backs to oversized, they have irons to fit every handicap. As a matter of fact, their irons are even labeled with recommended player handicaps on the website, helping you narrow down your options.

Once you have chosen your head style they have well over 30 shaft options to choose from, so you can make your clubs match a familiar brand or stiffness.

One of the coolest things about New Level is their demo program which allows customers to order customized seven irons in their different models to ensure they find the right club. This is a great way to see different styles in person, and to test performance without committing to a full set. They will build the demo iron to specifications you choose, including loft and lie, which is amazing for a demo program!

Out of the Box

First of all, these irons came fast. While a lot of club manufacturers are looking at backlogs of 6-8 months for custom irons, I had mine within 2 weeks.

Opening the box with anticipation, I was not disappointed as the irons looked as good as the images on the New Level website. I love the simplistic New Level logo and hosel stamping, and the matching grip is a great touch.

They look so amazing I “almost” didn’t want to take them out on the course. But don’t worry, I did and am happy to report they hit as well as they looked.

On Course Performance

I have so far been able to get 6 rounds in with my new irons as I write this review and can say that I am throughly impressed. I went through several iterations of irons and companies before trying this set of 902s from New Level and honestly couldn’t be happier.

The first round I played with them I was literally taking them out of the wrappers as I needed to hit shots. My playing partners only laughed briefly because even my first swings with them were so pure. I took all their money that day, and they definitely took notice of New Level.

I found my distances to be just about the same as my Apex and I noticed right away my ability to spin and stop the ball on the green. I didn’t know what I had been missing in my worn grooves after all these years. The ball flight was also great for me as I typically hit a lower draw and these were spot on with my usual path. I watched as my friends hit higher launch shots when they tried the clubs, though, so I think it is all just based on your swing. I want to make the disclaimer that I am not the biggest metrics player. I like to judge my clubs based on performance and feel on the course. So I cant tell you if the spin rate or launch angle or any other stat is better or worse for these clubs, but I flat out hit them awesome.

The main thing I look for whenever I try a new iron is forgiveness. Even being a low handicapper I don’t hit the ball perfectly every time, and my iron striking is something I need to improve. What I want to minimize with any iron is loss of distance when I don’t make pure contact. I loved my Apex irons for just this reason and the forgiveness of the New Level 902s is also exceptional. I didn’t find myself losing more than 5-7 yards on a miss-hit shot and the right and left dispersion was minimal as well.

Another important note to take on these clubs is their overall look at address. Standing over the ball you will notice the site lines of the irons are great with a very sleek top line and narrow body, making them very pleasing to the eye. This is not a factor everyone thinks about, but I think the mental part of the game is just as important as the physical. So if you don’t like the “look” of a club as you stand over your shot, I feel that you are more likely to hit something bad.


The New Level website allows you to fully customize your clubs from top to bottom. You can tweak your loft, lie, shaft grip and length as you order your clubs. I personally knew what to order based on being fit a number of years ago.

If you are a serious golfer, I would recommend getting a fit completed so you know how to order your irons.

Price Point

It seems like new brand name sets of clubs force you to take out a second mortgage these days. I am happy to report that New Level has hit a price point so enticing I dare you not to pick up a set, though. Currently priced below $700 I cannot think of a better value and investment for your golf game.

Final Thoughts

As I write this article I am just itching to get out and hit these clubs more. I haven’t been this excited about an update to my golf equipment in years.

I love what New Level has put out to market in terms of quality, price and most importantly performance, and certainly believe they’re worth a look if you’re in the market for new clubs.

Check out New Level’s website at this link

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