Moonshine Golf: Bringing the Game a Laidback, Country Vibe

I met the good folks from Moonshine Golf last month when I was invited by Co-Founder Andrew Mikowski to join for a round of golf at Whistling Straits after their fourth, Co-Founder Justin Fowler, was forced to back out of the trip last minute.

Why would you back out of a free round of golf at the Straits, you ask? Because Justin is also the Equipment Assistant for the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche who several days prior won the 2022 Stanley Cup. So, instead of hanging out in Wisconsin, Justin was forced to stay with the team and celebrate a world championship while I had to enjoy a day on the Straits course. A true win/win if there ever was one!

The team started their tour of Wisconsin at Country Fest in Cadot, supporting Business Partner and up-and-coming country music star Jameson Rodgers while enjoying our terrific Wisconsin Summer weather. Before heading home to Pennsylvania and Colorado, they followed things up by spending quality time enjoying one of their other favorite hobbies: Playing golf. And for that there aren’t many better places than Kohler.

Moonshine Partner & country artist Jameson Rodgers

Andrew, Justin’s wife Ali and close friend and Senior Designer for CR Lutzke Golf, Garrett Wasson, and I had a tremendous day together on the Straits course talking Wisconsin, New Glarus beer, country music and everything golf. The Moonshine crew, as well as Wasson who worked extensively on The Baths at Blackwolf Run development, are hardcore golf enthusiasts like me, and I could not have enjoyed the day and company more.

Moonshine Golf was founded for folks like them, or I should say us, to connect those who love the country lifestyle with the game. They want to show their personality but tend to shy away from flashy, overly athletic-looking apparel. They’re more laidback. Sure we’ll go birdie hunting, but the bogies and doubles will come, too, and like hell if we’ll let it ruin our day or round.

This image and Jameson Rodgers images courtesy Moonshine Golf

The clothes

The first thing you’ll notice about Moonshine’s apparel line is that the clothing is different. One of their mottos is to be “Golf gear that’s not afraid to get dirty,” and you can tell in their pieces – they’re high-quality and well thought out. This is not a company that throws their [very cool] logo on the same old shirt the rest of the industry is selling.

The Moonshine Golf mason jar logo

The All-Day Polo I wore to the Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame outing last weekend, for example, utilizes a tri-blend fabric that’s 59% cotton, 36% poly and 5% spandex to provide a feel that stays with your body nicely but provides just a bit of stretch and excellent breathability, especially with the horizontal back vent that lets things air out.

The All-Day Polo, by Moonshine Golf, in camo blue

It was hot at Blackwolf Run during our event, and even though I was not wearing the lightest shirt I was far from overheating and my upper body felt perfectly comfortable all day long. In fact, my wife didn’t even make me shower when I got home and never told me I stunk. That’s very rare post-golf, especially following a long August round in the sun.

I went with the blue camo print for this top because it matches a shirt that looks awesome on my son. Now we can be twins. At $65 ($58.50 for WiscoGolfAddict readers using discount code WISCOGOLFADDICT10), the All-Day Polo is a steal for its great aesthetics and feel, and especially for its built-in functionality.

The other piece I picked up from Moonshine is the Dew Sweeper 1/4 Zip, in sage. One of my other favorite Q-zips, the Robbins pullover by Holderness & Bourne, is very similar in shade to Moonshine’s navy option, so I figured I’d go a little outside my normal comfort zone and opt for a color I don’t have much of.

I’ve ended up loving the sage color. It’s a soft mint hue with the white Moonshine mason jar logo and accents, and it comes together really nicely with a relaxed French Terry fabric (65% cotton and 35% poly).

I also like the little touches on this quarter-zip, like that it’s pre-shrunk so I won’t have to worry about it being too small the next time it comes out of the dryer, and that the zipper tape is inscribed with “BIRDIE HUNTING.” I love that.

Like the All-Day Polo, the Dew Sweeper 1/4 Zip hits an excellent price point as just $72 or $64.50 following a 10% discount through WiscoGolfAddict using code WISCOGOLFADDICT10.

Do I relate to Moonshine Golf?

If any of your [other than golf] favorite hobbies include enjoying the outdoors while hunting, fishing, hiking or listening to country music, Moonshine Golf will probably hit a chord with you, too. And if you support the troops and a laidback, country vibe, then it could very well be time for you to go #BIRDIEHUNTING with Moonshine Golf.

I’ve curated a number of my favorite Moonshine items in my own storefront, linked below, which are available [along with their full offering] to WiscoGolfAddict readers and supporters at 10% off so you, too, can crush your entire day with Moonshine Golf.

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