BirdieBoss: Upgrade your Course Swagger

Do you want to feel like a total “Boss” when you step up to the first tee? BirdieBoss has you covered with cool accessories to give you unique style on the course.

I discovered BirdieBoss when I came across their Vanilla Ice headcover on Google, and was immediately sucked into their website. A literal buffet of golf accessories and options presented themselves to me including themed items ranging from Bob Ross to Happy Gilmore and MORE!

Ball Markers / Towels

Golf Bae “Dropping Balls”

It’s not often I smile when I mark a putt, but that has all but changed. BirdieBoss has by far the coolest and most unique ball markers I’ve ever seen. I recently took them on a guys’ trip and everyone seemed to find one that matched their style.

Me being the three-putter, I appreciated the novel on how to stop that. We had a Happy Gilmore lover who appreciated the “Just Tap it In” marker, and the “Golf Bae” was perfect for our buddy who never misses a putt. All the markers are magnetic, so if you have a hat clip or magnetic divot repair tool then these will work perfectly. For the price, they are awesome little gifts that are sure to be used and appreciated.

BirdieBoss’s themed towels are a perfect complement to any of their other accessories. They are a sizable 18″ x 30″ size and made of microfiber with a waffle texture. There is a built-in clip to attach to your bag and a strong magnet. I almost didn’t want to clean my clubs on mine because it’s so cool. We also had some fun out on the course waving the “Straight Outta Bounds” towel like a flag whenever there was a bad tee shot.


You cannot deny that anyone pulling up to the first tee with a Ron Burgundy headcover is going to be someone fun to golf with. Some of the best rounds are those where you laugh and smile and joke. These headcovers are certainly the best medicine for a bad or lack of golf game, and the attention to detail and quality of stitching is phenomenal. I love the 3-dimensional hair and have had no issues with sizing to fit my driver and 3 wood.

The GOAT, for Wisconsin Golfers!

Belts / Hats / Gloves

When you’ve finished outfitting your clubs, consider outfitting yourself. BirdieBoss has you covered in that department, too, with great themed belts, hats and gloves.

BirdieBoss belts are made of a stretch braided material that lets you flex your waistline (especially after that hot dog at the turn). The quality of the buckle is excellent and the end tab is well-sewn and should last for years to come.

One of the coolest aspects of their belts is that they are all themed around famous golf tournaments, courses or players. For example, there is a Masters theme, Pebble Beach or Tiger Sunday belt. I think these are super cool and are available at some of the best prices I’ve seen for these types of belts.

The 8 adjustable hats offered by BirdieBoss feature simple designs that have big impact. My favorite for sure is the Tiger Goat. I may be partial because I wore it when I shot my lowest round ever, but the overall quality is great and the rope style is super popular right now. I also appreciated the vented sides for those warmer rounds.

BirdieBoss’s themed gloves are amazing conversation starters at the course. Everyone took notice of my “Golf Father” glove with its gangster imagery and cool black leather. I was most impressed with its durability, though. I usually tear through a glove every 4 rounds and am now on round 8 with this one with zero issues. The sizing and fit is normal compared to other brands and the Velcro is nice and strong.

You Need this Stuff!

While I cannot personally guarantee you’ll get more birdies using BirdieBoss accessories, I do experience the same euphoria every time I pull off a headcover, mark a ball or adjust a hat. With great prices on everything in the store, I think BirdieBoss is going to be a brand you’ll see more and more on the course. Whether you need something for yourself or have a buddy you want to make smile, this stuff is certainly sure to do the trick.

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