Weston Heated Apparel: Stay Warm Even as Golf Cools Down

“Roll out the cold weather package.”

This is my new battle cry for Fall and Spring golf. Besides fighting my own terrible short game, extending the season in the Midwest often also means battling the elements. I have found over the years that more and more layers are needed to keep me warm and functional out on the course, and because of this have accumulated many jackets, long underwear and gloves for getting through those chilly rounds.

I have also found, however, that an investment in battery-powered heated gear is really what makes a difference out on the course, and also that warming my feet and lower half makes a tremendous impact! This is where Weston Heated Gear steps up to help keep you warm and toasty.

I recently had the opportunity to test Weston’s heated jacket, socks and insoles, and have found that their gear can make all the difference in pulling off victories during cold Fall rounds.

Heated Jacket

I chose to test a heated fleece jacket, thinking it should be the perfect item to stow in my bag and layer over everything else I’m wearing when the weather gets too cold. Powered by a 7.4V battery, the jacket provides heat for 10 hours on its lowest setting. I found myself more frequently using the high or medium heat, though, which will provide closer to 3-5 hours. By alternating settings as I go, it’s proven to give plenty of power to get me through a round.

The jacket has 4 heating elements: 1 on the back, 1 on the neck and 2 on the chest. This combination proved to be very effective as I usually see jackets that only offer heat on either the front or back. I also cannot stress enough the warmth provided by having a heated neck. Do not overlook this as a must-have feature when deciding on which heated jacket to buy.

Side Profile

One thing I watch for in any jacket is how much it hangs down when taking a swing. I do not find Weston’s to be overly baggy and it doesn’t interfere with my swing. I would prefer the battery to be located somewhere in the back, but it sits in an interior pocket on the lower left front.

Referencing the size chart below, I would caution any buyer that these jackets run large. The pictures above show a medium fit (left) and a large fit (right). I am typically a size large for jackets but found the medium to fit much better especially when considering a swing.

Shop Weston’s heated fleece on their website

Heated Insoles

Heated insoles are not an item I ever considered before but are a huge difference maker on the course. The heated insoles from Weston are the perfect slip-in for any golf shoe and your feet will thank you big time.

Uncut sole compared to shoe insert

You will have to do some trimming of the soles to get these to fit exactly, but this was super easy to do by following the template provided on the insert. The overall height of the insoles is negligible and I didn’t really notice a big difference when I swapped them into my shoes. I have a high arched foot and the soles provided great support, to boot!

The provided remote is a really nice feature that allows you to adjust the temperature on the go. I keep my remote clipped to the outside of my golf bag for easy access. There is also a nice back tab on the soles which covers the charging port and allows you to easily pull them out of your shoes.

I found the overall heat produced to be mild and the soles really took more of an edge off the cold rather than over-heating my feet. I still think there is plenty of benefit to having them in my shoes, though, and they are honestly comfortable enough to leave in as an everyday sole.

Shop Weston’s heated insoles on their website

Heated Socks

These have to be my new favorite golf item! If you’ve never tried them, heated socks are absolutely life-changing. Powered by a small battery connected at calf-height, these socks provide amazing heat.

I was initially worried about a few things with heated socks:

  1. Will they stay up with the battery?
  2. Will they be comfortable with the heating element?
  3. Will I notice a bulge in my pant leg?
Top Elastic

The elastic band located at the top of the sock holds nice and snug to my leg throughout the round, and I’ve had no issues with the sock falling down even with the weight of the battery.

The heating elements at the bottom and sides of the sock are negligible, in my opinion, when walking. In fact, after wearing the socks for 5 minutes I didn’t have any different feeling versus wearing a normal sock. The heating element wraps completely around the foot and provides great, even heat dispersion.

Pant View

Slipping your pants over the battery you would never even know it was there. I was very pleased that there was no noticeable outline.

I’ve found the heat to last for about 5 hours on the highest setting and about 8 on low, and the warm-up time is less than a minute which is amazing. These are able to be washed on a cold cycle and I’ve had no issues after the first couple of loads they’ve gone through.

Shop Weston’s heated socks on their website

Heat up your life

Living in the Midwest or other colder parts of the country, you will not regret investing in heated golf gear. For the cost of a quality round of golf, you can ensure you’re comfortable during the last and first rounds of the season. I think the Weston gear selection makes it a great choice, especially when looking for specialty items like socks and insoles.

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