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The golf polo industry has exploded in the past several years with many startup companies trying to break their way into the previously bland golf clothing market dominated for years by just a few major brands. Minnesota-based Waggle Golf is making their mark with a diverse lineup of polos, hats and pullovers.

I really liked the “About Us” section on their website and how their mindset carries over to their clothing:

We exist to give you the confidence to express your true self out on the course. Through apparel, sure, but more so a belief that every one of us has untapped individuality just waiting to come out. It’s what we call your “Waggle.”

Golf is about having fun, and a day on the links should be whatever you want it to be. That’s why our unique lines are designed for the curious newbies, weekend warriors, warm weather snowbirds and die-hard rain or shiners alike. 

Ready to get your Waggle on?

-Waggle Golf website

Zip Hoodies

“Loon Lake” Hoodie

The Waggle hoodie I tried was really impressive. I say this for a number of reasons. First, the fit of it was great. There was enough room to swing comfortably but the cut made it such that it was still form fitting and not baggy at all. Second, the interior mesh lining on the hoodie was great at allowing air circulation so I never overheated wearing it. Finally, there are some great hidden pockets in the front. These pockets are not baggy and the openings are not easily visible. I found myself keeping my hands warm between shots and occasionally carrying my glove or marker in there.

There are currently 5 color selections in the Hoodie lineup. I chose to go with “Loon Lake” as it provides a unique color and pattern combination without being visually assaulting. If you look closely you’ll notice a subtle Loon in the patterning.

Current Hoodie Lineup


The Chubbs

The Waggle lineup of hats has some cool, unique options for players on the hunt for a fresh lid. I rocked the Chubbs and Flamingo hats while out on the course in Florida. Both got great compliments from the clubhouse crowds before and after our rounds.

The snapback adjustment and slightly curved brim made these hats in my opinion universal. Some people cannot pull off the flat brim or extra tight hat look, but Waggle hats will fit anyone.

The vented back on these hats is a nice touch, especially for the Florida heat and humidity where I tested them. There is not often a middle ground between a fully enclosed hat and a trucker-style mesh, but Waggle has the best of both. These were definitely my favorite pieces of gear from Waggle and I will be picking up more from their website for sure.


The polo lineup is where Waggle really brings their unique prints to the forefront. From sharks to western, hunting themes and more. Prints are offered for both men and women with sizes from small to 3XL. The material is a poly/spandex blend which is very popular in a lot of golf shirts today. I personally like the feeling of this blend and the fact that it has a nice amount of give to fit any shape of golfer.

“Shark Attack”

The colors on all the Waggle shirts I tried really popped. The designs are very unique and certainly “bold” for the course. I had a lot of good conversations in the clubhouse about the designs after my rounds. I actually ran into about half a dozen people that already owned Waggle shirts and were excited to check out the other prints from the collection in person.

“The Goat”

Fit / Pricing

The most important aspect when it comes to Waggle clothing is the fit. The cut of the polos is extremely athletic. I found myself barely squeezing into a large. While this is mostly due to my poor diet and lack of exercise, just be aware that these shirts will fit snug. I would go up a size if you like your shirts with a little more give and I don’t think you will be sorry.

The cut and sizing of the pullover was more of what I would consider normal sizing for the average golfer. There is enough room to swing and the cuffs on the sleeves were tight so there was no interference.

Pricing on all the Waggle gear is very reasonable, in my opinion:

Hats: $35

Polos: $69

Hoodies: $99

Ready to Waggle?

Have you seen enough that you are ready to get your Waggle on? The quality, price and uniqueness of the prints definitely deserves a browse through their site. If you are still someone who’s wading cautiously into the “loud” golf prints game, then maybe pick up a cool hat as a gateway option.

Use the code “WGA10” for 10% off your order at GetYourWaggleOn.com

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