The Side Street Back9: Get to Golf However You Want

You may think there can’t possibly be much innovation in the golf bag space, but you’d be wrong. The Back9 Bag from Side Street is truly unique.

This dual-strap stand bag takes portability to a whole new level, providing not only the ability to get to the course but also then play a round of golf.

Born off the streets of Chicago with the concept of using public bikes and transportation to get to and from the course, the Back9 is finally available to players everywhere who are looking to expand their ways of travel for golf.

Go By Bike

The Back9 concept was developed with the idea of riding a bike to golf. Everything about the design of the bag allows a golfer to pack, strap and pedal to the course effectively.

The most noticeable difference between the Back9 and typical stand bags that you will see right away is in the shape of the bag. Its square design allows it to ride comfortably on your back while still providing enough room for 14 clubs.

The back padding makes for a comfortable ride. I would make sure you spend some time adjusting the straps, though, so nothing on the bag pokes you as you pedal. There are waist and chest straps to ensure the bag is seated comfortably and stable on your back while you ride.

A major problem that’s been solved with the Back9 is the clattering of clubs and protecting your head. The bag has been designed for you to flip your clubs and secure them with an elastic strap in each opening, and there is plenty of room for all your irons to fit in the bottom while leaving your putter, driver and woods facing upright.

On The Course

Once getting to the course you’ll be ready to flip the clubs, configure the straps and go.

The Back9 can be used in a single- or dual-strap configuration for walking the course.

It took me a couple tries to get the straps just right for walking comfortably, and I personally did not find it to be quite as comfortable as walking a round with a typical stand bag. That being said, if you’re just walking a quick nine then this bag should work great.

I’ve found it most comfortable and convenient to walk the course with a single strap, easily holding the handle of the bag on my side. The Back9’s weight is so light that this has not been an issue.

The stand legs on the Back9 are nice and sturdy, sitting wide along the outside of the bag in order to allow room for the back cushion. The only issue I had with that on the course is that the legs would sometimes get tangled in the straps depending on how it was put down.

Fixing this just required a combination of configuring the straps correctly and getting a flow for setting it down effectively. After three holes this has not been an issue again.

There is a nice guide to all the strap configurations available here.

Travel / Storage

I tried packing the Back9 for a recent trip down to Florida and it worked great as its size and shape make traveling with it very easy. The fact that I could flip my club heads and secure them, as well, made me worry less about damage when flying.

In addition to its club capacity, the pockets on the Back9 are really nice. One of my favorite features is the large, oversized front pocket which holds a pair of shoes perfectly. With this, you won’t have to worry about biking to the course while carrying your golf shoes.

Overall, I was really impressed with the layout of the pockets, durability of the zippers and all the great extra features like tee and ball holders.

Once I got to my destination the bag was great on both the push and normal carts I rented. Although the shape of the bag is flatter than your typical stand model, it fit on the carts with no issues and left plenty of room for a playing partner.

I do like to thread the cart strap through some type of handle on a bag, but that isn’t really an option with the Back9. As long as you make sure the base is secured well you shouldn’t experience any problems with the bag slipping or falling out.

Expand Your Transport Possibilities

I think in the future you will see more and more of a push for alternative means of transportation both on and off the course, and the Back9 is positioned perfectly to allow you to take advantage of these changing trends. Is this bag ultimately for everyone? Maybe not. But if you can see yourself biking or looking for a great travel bag then it is a great option.

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