Golf Bag Carrier: Transform your Bike Into the Ultimate Club Carrying Machine

The popularity of E-Bikes has exploded over the past several years with many people taking to the roads, paths and trails on powered bicycles. While we haven’t quite seen this explosion of use on the golf course, the time is surely coming. More courses have been trying new products like electric caddy boards, bikes and powered scooters in order to entice players and offer new experiences. As more courses begin to allow these types of personal transport make sure you’re ready to play with the Golf Bag Carrier from Divnick Golf.

Overview / Setup

Steve Divnick, founder of his namesake company and inventor of several unique golf products, is considered by some in the golf industry as “The Most Interesting Man in Golf’. Steve observed the popularity of E-Bikes and recognized the opportunity to create a product that transforms a bike into a golf-centric club carrier. The carrier is designed to fit on bikes that have a rear rack, which will serve as the attachment point for the receiver plate to mount.

The Divnick Golf Bag Carrier is made of rugged aluminum and is powder-coated with a durable, textured finish to withstand a lot of impact and wear. Over time you may see some wear on the hinge pieces where the carrier pivots, but in my opinion this is minor and does not affect the functionality in any way.

Armed with just a screwdriver and wrench you will be able to install the carrier in about 5-10 minutes. The installation includes the following steps:

  1. Mounting the plate
  2. Installing the bumper guard
  3. Measuring the height of the bag carrier
  4. Securing the bag carrier

To see just how easy it is to mount the carrier, watch this video of my experience:

Additional information on mounting the carrier can also be found on the Divnick site.

After setting up my carrier there are a few things I would do differently:

  1. Mount the carrier all the way against the rack frame. This will prevent your bag carrier from having too steep of an angle when it rests against the side of the bike.
  2. Use a socket wrench to hold the nut in place when tightening the fasteners. This will give you the most solid connection.
  3. The rubber bumper is important in protecting your bike frame, so don’t skip installing it on your frame. The rear wheel nut may be hard to remove on your bike, but make sure to get that piece installed.
Mount the carrier flush with the rack
Rubber Bumper

Once you have the plate installed on your bike and the carrier measured and configured it’s time to attach your bag. Light stand bags and small cart bags worked best during my testing. The metal frame of the bag carrier has been designed to allow the stand plate on the bottom of your bag to fit through, ensuring it mounts flush. Simply secure the straps around your bag and you’ll be ready to go.

Attaching the bag plate to your bike rack will take some practice. The hooks have been ingeniously designed to allow for easy placement and removal of the bag plate, but there is a flow to doing it. The bag must be lifted and tilted in just the right way to attach it to the rack plate, and this actually ensures that the bag stays attached to the bike and can pivot freely. Watch the video below to see how to mount your bag:

The video below shows attaching the plate with your bag attached. While it is a little more difficult, it is possible.

Out on the Road / Course

As you head to the course on your bike with your new carrier installed there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. Since the bag is side-mounted it may take some adjustment to your balance when riding. I was able to compensate for the extra weight and ride smoothly after about 2 minutes.
  2. The carrier is designed to pivot, so you may have some rattle from your clubs or the carrier itself as you cross uneven terrain. I didn’t have any concerns while riding about the plate coming loose or falling off.
  3. Make sure you have your straps connected tightly. I would recommend threading the top one through a handle on your bag.

After having used several E-Bikes on courses in the past year, one of the biggest challenges is the kickstand. E-Bikes using traditional kickstands may encounter a number of problems including uneven or wet terrain, hills and wind. The Bag Carrier has effectively eliminated those concerns with the way it creates a kickstand using your bag. The design of the mount and the way that it pivots to create that kickstand is what makes this carrier so great in my opinion.

You may notice in my videos and images that I show the rider exiting to the right of the bike. While I found this to be the most intuitive way, it is actually recommended to exit on the left. This left-hand exit allows you to keep one hand on your bag as you steady the bike. Ultimately you should go with whatever feels natural.

The rider may want to try exiting from left for better grip on the bag.

The straps on the Bag Carrier are a nice high-quality nylon that feels similar to what you would find on a golf cart. The buckles have gone through several re-designs and the current model is great. I found them to be intuitive to use, easy to attach and that they stay secure while riding.

Buckle and Nylon Strap

Need a Bike?

If you are in the market for an E-Bike there are a number of brands that have rear racks and would be compatible with the Golf Bag Carrier. These brands include: HeyBike, Vtuvia, Vitilan and more.

Make sure when selecting a bike that you consider what else you may want to use it for and how portable you need it to be. One bike that I can recommend after using the Golf Bag Carrier on it is the Vtuvia SF20:

You can read my full review of the Vtuvia SF20 bike here.

Vtuvia SF20

My Overall Thoughts

After having the chance to use the carrier for several rounds I have a number of unfiltered thoughts about my experience:

  1. The installation of the mount is fairly intuitive. Make sure you mount it tight up against your rack.
  2. Attaching the bag plate to the mount takes some practice. It took me a few tries to get the flow of mounting and removing the plate with ease.
  3. The side-mounting of the bag took very little time to adjust to from a balance perspective. I don’t think this will be an issue for many people, but take some time in a low-traffic area to get used to the weight configuration.
  4. Make sure you install the bumper on the side of your bike. The bag carrier does rock and hit the side of your bike. There will be damage to your bike components if you don’t install this.
  5. The stability that is provided by pivoting the whole bag and leaning the bike against it is amazing. This is a feature not to overlook and what makes this so great to use on the course.
  6. The quality of the metal seems like this will last for many seasons of use.
  7. The responsiveness of the owner himself and knowing that this is manufactured and delivered right from Ohio is amazing.

When you’re ready to transform your bike for the golf season, click here to pick up your own!

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