Vtuvia SF20: Your Portable & Fast Golf e-Bike Solution

Spring is right around the corner, and what better time to start thinking about getting around both on and off the course this season? Vtuvia E-bikes has created a portable solution that will take you from garage to the first tee without missing a beat!

The SF20 by Vtuvia offers the perfect balance of ergonomics, power and portability to create the perfect golf E-bike platform.


The SF20 arrives in a large box with all the components disassembled and securely packed. A convenient instruction manual and toolkit is provided which is easy to follow and complete the setup. Watch the video below to see just how simple the SF20 is to assemble and fold:

The ultimate in portability

Yes, you read this section right: The SF20 offers the ultimate in portability. How, you might ask? Well, if by magic or some amazing feat of engineering, the bike actually folds in half!

SF20 Folded in Half

The folded bike, while still heavy, is much more manageable to put in the trunk of your car. I found myself using a grip on the back rack of the bike and the front fork to lift it successfully. The bike weighs in at 60 lbs with the 10 lb battery removed.

Specifications from Vtuvia’s Website

Battery life / speed

The SF20 is powered by a 48V battery that sits right behind the seat stem. This battery is supposed to give 38-48 miles of range. With any electric bike this number can vary depending on how much you are actually pedaling. I had no issues getting in 18 holes of golf on a single charge and am confident you will be able to on any course.

The speed of the SF20 is truly impressive. I was able to top out at 27 miles per hour when going down a flat road. While I would not recommend ever going that speed on the course there is plenty of power and speed to get up even the steepest of hills.

Features / functions

The SF20 comes with a good set of features and functions that make it great for using around town as well as on the course.

First, there is a large display that lets you see all the important metrics about your bike, including: Speed, battery life and assist setting. The electric speed is controlled by twisting the right handlebar grip, similar to a motorcycle or scooter.

The shifting components on the bike are comprised of Shimano 7-speed. While these are not the most top-of-the-line components for a bike, they work fine for this setup. I was also very impressed with the disk brakes. There was no noise or break-in period and the stopping power is exceptional.

The charging port is conveniently located on the battery along with an indicator that can quickly be pressed to monitor the charge. In order to use the electric features of the bike you will need to have a key inserted and in the “on” position. Make sure you don’t lose these keys!

Out on the course

Pair your SF20 with the Golf Bag Carrier from Divnick Golf

To turn your SF20 into the ultimate golf machine you will need to pair it with some kind of club carrier. The Ebike Carrier from Divnick Golf is a great solution to easily use your bike on or off the course.

Read the full article on the Golf Bag Carrier here.

The portability of the SF20 opens up a lot of possibilities for you to get to courses to use your bike. Once you’ve set up the bike at the course the first thing you will need to check is your tire pressure. Make sure the tires are a little under inflated to maximize their surface area and reduce any markings to the course. I found that 5 PSI under the maximum was perfect. Although the overall diameter and width of the tires is small to accommodate portability, I had no difficulty on any types of terrain. I tried the bike in all manners of grass, rough, cart paths, waste bunkers, etc. and had no issues.

Take a look at the video below for some great shots of the bike in action on the course. The SF20 is being used in conjunction with the Golf Bag Carrier from Divnick Golf.

On or off the course, your SF20 will help you experience the ultimate in freedom! This bike has been truly impressive from a stability, battery life and portability standpoint throughout all our testing.

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