The Weekender: Super E-Caddy’s Fantastic Starter Model

While adopting the E-Caddy Lifestyle is liberating, it can also be a little intimidating and quite pricy. WiscoGolfAddict’s Electric Caddy Buying Guide is a very helpful resource for those entering the market, but it illustrates the sheer number of options and features available that need to be considered in the purchase decision. With many models in the four-digit price range, it’s crucial to make the right decisions to suit your own preferences and needs to ensure that your hard-earned dollars are used wisely.

Lower-cost, non-remote-control models are a great way to dip your toes into the market to see if the e-caddy lifestyle is for you, without spending a fortune. Super E-Caddy, best known for their remote-control, accessory-rich Pro model, has recently added The Weekender model to their product line, their first foray into this more basic corner of the market.

The Weekender features smooth manual speed control and steering, promoting an easy stroll down the fairway

While testing the Weekender on the course this spring, I’ve been highly impressed with its usability, simplicity and reliability. As someone who is a little less tech-savvy and prefers simplicity on the course, I think I’ve found the e-caddy that’s just right for me and am excited to use it regularly this season to keep up my physical fitness in a leisurely way.

Features and Functionality

The functionality of The Weekender can be summed up with two adjectives – basic and easy. A center dial controls the power and speed, and it’s easy to adjust while walking to fit your natural pace. The model maintains a consistent speed and a very straight line, enabling long touchless walking on flatter stretches of property. The model does not steer autonomously, but it turns with ease manually.

When you’re using The Weekender, your focus will be where it belongs – on your golf game and your playing partners – and not on wrangling your e-caddy.

Check out our YouTube video on The Weekender, which illustrates its versatility over moderate terrain:

The Weekender also features preset distance controls, which will transport your bag and stop at a desired spot a specific distance away. Three options are available – 15, 30 and 45 meters. This can be especially handy after arriving at a green or tee box and sending your e-caddy off to a convenient spot to meet up with it later. Just be careful not to direct your bag towards a tree, hazard or significant slope, as the feature only works well on a straight line and does not have obstacle avoidance features.

The front panel of The Weekender includes the speed dial (lower-center) and the preset distance controls (upper-center)

The size of The Weekender is more compact and lightweight than other e-caddies I’ve seen, and it folds up nicely to ensure it will fit in small spaces or trunks.

The Weekender’s compact size allows it to fit even in the tiny backseat of my small sedan

My cart bag fits perfectly onto the Weekender, and two bungee cord straps ensure that it stays on snugly throughout the round. The model’s size, weight and dimensions are optimal for quick setup, letting you spend more precious minutes warming up pre-round.

The snug fit of a cart bag promotes a smooth ride with minimal clanging of the clubs on rougher terrain

While the base model does not come with any other bells and whistles, accessories are available for purchase separately, including a drink holder, umbrella, golf towel and scorecard holder.

Assembly and Charging

The Weekender comes mostly pre-assembled, and the instructions allow for easy setup within a few minutes. Its battery has the capacity for at least 18 holes per charge, but it’s important to plug it in and fully recharge between uses. After testing out the model, I made the mistake of leaving the battery attached to the unit before my first round with it, and the power ran out after nine holes. Even though the non-powered Weekender was just as easy to operate as a manual push cart, it’s best to start with a full charge to ensure the battery lasts a full round.

The battery straps into the base of The Weekender where a small power cord connects to the model


With a marked-down price of $650, minus WiscoGolfAddict’s exclusive 5% discount (discount code WISCO), the Weekender is a great deal considering its exceptional performance. On top of that, a 1-year warranty comes with standard purchases.

For those wanting to try out the e-caddy lifestyle but are not aching for remote-controllability, follow technology or an array of features and accessories, I think the value and performance of the Weekender are excellent at its price point.

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