The Revolve Bag: Transform the Way You Carry Your Clubs

It’s a bag… it’s a cart… no, it’s the Revolve!

The Revolve Bag is a dual-strap carry golf bag that literally transforms into a push cart to give you the ultimate all-in-one golf bag.

I had been eyeing up the Revolve since the PGA Show in 2022 when the first prototypes were on display. The versatility it promised seemed like a game-changer when it comes to simplifying your trunk and I was not disappointed. With production finally up and running, I was able to get my hands on a bag to test for myself.

Getting Started

The first questions that may pop into your head are:

  • “How heavy is a Revolve Bag?”
  • “Can I use it on a cart?”
  • “How easy is it to transform?”

Following extensive testing I’m happy to report that I can provide you answers to all these questions and more.

If you saw a Revolve Bag without its wheels on you would think it’s just a normal dual-strap bag. The push handle retracts and hides along its spine similar to a suitcase, though, and the rest of the pockets, straps, padding and stand mechanism work just like any other bag you’ve used in the past. The overall weight is also comparable to a common stand golf bag with its light aluminum handle being the only other added feature.

During my first round with the Revolve I wanted to test its functionality as a normal carry bag. I was able to adjust the straps easily and carry it for a full round with little difficulty. While I would have preferred a little more back padding, what was there was enough to be comfortable.


The Revolve Bag attracted a lot of attention amongst the sea of push carts in Florida

My second time out with the bag I wanted to see how it performs as a push cart. This conversion from stand bag to push cart is carried out by attaching the wheels to the base and then pulling the luggage-like extending handle. This entire process takes less than thirty seconds. Once the wheels are on you’re ready to roll, literally!

My dad demonstrates the simple procedure of attaching the wheels to the bag in the video clip below:

Out for a stroll

Using the Revolve Bag as your walking option is where this product’s real benefit emerges.

Once the wheels are attached, and you’ve extended the handle, away you go. While I found it easiest to pull the Revolve Bag, my father chose to push it. We both found the bag to be easy to maneuver and very stable when set up around the greens and tee boxes. There is no braking system, which you really don’t need as the wheels are lifted off the ground when you stop.

Notice in this picture the wheels are actually off the ground when using the stand legs

A bonus feature of the Revolve Bag is the fact that you can pick it up and carry it even when the wheels are on. This may come in handy when playing parts of the course that are wet, uneven or especially hilly.


You may wonder how the Revolve Bag fits on an electric cart with the wheels on. While this scenario may not be a common occurrence, there may be situations where you want to walk certain holes or have your bag accessible for cart path only days. I found that I was able to set the bag on a cart with the wheels hanging off the back with no issues.

A small loop on the spine is meant for the carry straps but can double as a strap loop for a secure cart ride

Features of Note

The 5-way divider leaves plenty of room for clubs and I could even flip them upside-down for travel.

The 7 storage pockets on the bag are more than sufficient for all my gear. One detail I really appreciate is the valuables storage tucked safely inside the spine pocket. There is also a fully insulated pocket to keep one or two beverages cold.

The side velcro glove holder is a nice touch and a feature that seems to be a part of many bags today.

A velcro strap on the spine lets you gather and secure the shoulder straps so they are secure and out of the way when using the wheels.

The only piece of the bag that seems a little weak to me is the stand mechanism at the base. Although I have not had any problems with it yet I can see that being the first part to wear out.

Is this the bag for me?

The concept of this bag is relatively simplistic: Combine the components of a dual-strap carry bag with a push cart and allow someone to have the ultimate all-in-one golf transport device. The Revolve Bag is the perfect solution for someone who likes to walk, wants to keep their accessory lineup simple or perhaps needs a travel bag.

The Revolve Bag is currently on sale for $275, but readers of WiscoGolfAddict can use the discount code “wiscogolfaddict” for an additional $50 off

Revolve is also available on Amazon:

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