Nakoma at 100: Madison’s Classic Gem Shines Brighter than Ever

As we progress through the 2020’s, golden age classic properties are hitting their centennials in droves. My home course, Nakoma Golf Club, joined the 100 club last month. Founded in 1923, this stalwart property has evolved over the past century into what I believe is Madison’s finest golf experience.

Early this summer, I took my newly purchased DJI Mini 3 Pro out to Nakoma at sunrise on a couple occasions. I figured a highly familiar property would be a great training ground for me as I continue to hone my drone photography skills this year.

What I didn’t expect, though, was the absolutely perfect sunlight I encountered on both of those days, and the quality of the images and footage I was able to capture as a result. What started as mere practice became my best photography sessions of the season thus far.

As I started my first Nakoma sunrise shoot near the clubhouse, I was thrilled to see perfect daylight and long shadows which made for an epic morning

With the photos turning out much better than I ever could have hoped, and in honor of 100 years of excellence, I have updated my 2022 review of Nakoma with select drone photos from these May/June mornings. Check out my updated article to see just why Nakoma is such a great place to call home:

Brian’s 2022 review of Nakoma Golf Club, updated with drone photos

Also, be sure to check out the newly-released video of Nakoma on WiscGolfAddict’s YouTube page:

Is your home course or local classic property turning 100 this year? If so, we’d love to hear about it in the Comments section!

Nakoma Golf Club Website

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2 thoughts on “Nakoma at 100: Madison’s Classic Gem Shines Brighter than Ever

  1. Nakoma is an enjoyable course to play. Years ago it was somewhat of a swamp at times, but renovations have made enormous improvements. I’ve played it numerous times with legendary friends and in competitions and it always held its own. A problem is its limited parking during well-attended events…but, it is a gem.

    Gene Haas

    1. Thanks for the comment, Gene! I agree – several years ago there were massive drainage issues that the club wisely chose to fix in a project that was costly but totally worth it! The course plays firm and fast now even in wet periods.

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