Payntr X003, X004 & X005: Golf Shoes That Will Excite

By now if you haven’t heard of Payntr you must be living under a rock. This shoe brand has taken the golfing world by storm, topping almost all the major publications’ lists of shoes to own.

Some of this season’s newest editions to the Payntr lineup include the X003s, X004s and X005s, and I promise you will not be disappointed in their looks and performance. As someone who has been wearing Payntr shoes for a few years now, I have been continually impressed by the brand. They continue to deliver great style in every important area that should be considered, and their newest lineup features both spiked and spikeless options at outstanding price points.


Classic Black and White Color Scheme on the 003s

The Payntr X003 is one of the newest spikeless options in the lineup, and their classic styling ensures they will be a fit for any course you’re playing. The best part of these shoes, however, is the comfort. It is clear attention has been given to the padded sole and heel, creating a comfortable experience out on the course. The X003s are also water-resistant, which is perfect for dewy mornings or in light rain.

For those wondering about sizing, the brand runs a little tight in my opinion so order a half size up if on the fence. The X003s have a “wide” option, which isn’t very common, so take advantage of that if you have been graced with flipper feet like me!

Closeup of the bottom spikes on the X003

X004 Spiked

X004s in Action

It seems like most golf shoes are switching to spikeless recently, so I was very happy when Payntr offered the X004 as a spiked version. I personally like spiked shoes for grip and stability but know everyone has their own preference.

My X004s still look great after 20+ rounds

The best features of the X004 shoes have to be the spiked sole performance, styling and comfort. From a performance perspective, these are my go-to shoes in any weather condition. I know I will have great traction with the X004s and they are great in the heat at keeping your feet nice and cool. The X004s have also been my shoes of choice for any wet rounds as they keep my feet bone dry.

Vents Provide Great Cooling

The styling of these shoes is modern with a classic black and white look to work well with anything you wear. Finally, and most importantly, is their comfortability. The X004s are shoes you can wear every single round and never get tired of them.

Sizing on the Payntr X004 model runs fairly true, in my opinion, but I would go up a half size if you have any concerns (as mentioned earlier). Again, I have found these to be quite amenable to my wide feet.

X005 Spikeless

Transitioning from the X001s as my shoes all last season I found the X005 to be similar but with some great upgrades.

PMX Fit Heel

Side Note: As a WiscoGolfaddict team we have been working on improving our photography skills. I am happy to report that the above shot is not a stock image but rather was shot in my basement as part of my review. We will continue to bring you the best photography we can and hope you can appreciate shots taken by actual users of the product!

The first thing I have to mention about the X005s is the PMX heel fit. This is available in the X005 and X004 models and are a feature you’re sure to love. The best way to describe this is a form-fitting molded cushion that allows you to easily slip on and off your shoe. I have also found that I have no heel rubbing or discomfort when wearing the PMX Fit Heel.

Bottom Sole View of the X005
Small side vents keep your feet cool on the X005s

I like the X005s when I’m walking on dry days. These shoes go the distance and have plenty of traction on the course. I’ve also found them super easy to clean – a wet towel and quick buff shines them right up!

Believe the Hype

The Payntr hype is for real! After owning and testing multiple generations of their shoes and playing them in every imaginable terrain and condition, I believe that a pair of Payntrs is a must for any golfer. I personally like my X004s the best, but every person has their own style and performance preference. Next time you head to the course, make sure you have a pair of Payntrs. Your feet will thank you.

Get your own pairs of Payntr golf shoes on their website

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